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July 1, 2013- Tennis Event and JT

I was at a tennis event.  Part of it involved a fashion show with some of the players in it at a hotel. I showed up in the holodeck program for this right as this show was about to start. There were no seats in this room though which was odd. A section of 3 rows up in front was reserved. I was in the 4th row.  There were about 160 people in the audience.

    I saw someone who looked like John Taylor in the front row; it was him.  I overheard him telling a young, beautiful girl that his wife wouldn’t be here because she was sick. He was wearing black pants; a red, white and black shirt, and a black jacket with a bit of red in it. I got a little nervous when looking at him. Part of me was wishing that I could talk to him.

   Two tall guys were standing in front of me so I had some trouble seeing the show. There wasn’t really any stage which was odd. The guys came out first. I got an okay view of Djokovic, and Tsonga. But the view of Melzer wasn’t as good which was very disappointing.

   The female players were next- A. Radwanska, Vesnina, and Ivanovic. Theirs and the men’s outfits were sporty and/or casual. They were all nice- nothing too strange like at some fashion shows that I’ve seen clips of on TV.

   I was wondering why Sam didn’t include Haas in this storyline. He hasn’t been in one in a long time.  This is sort of weird, since he is my favorite player. I should just be happy that I got to see a few of the other players that I like.

   The next part would be the men and women coming out together, in pairs. Something strange and annoying happened before this though. It was as if the program had been reset and now I was further back.  Around 60 additional people were in front of my row, so I was in the 7th one now.

  The pairings for this part of the event were Ivanovic and Tsonga, Djokovic and Vesnina, and Melzer and A. Radwanska. The outfits that they were in now were much fancier than the previous ones. I liked Radwanska’s emerald green dress.

   I found out that these players and others would be in a couple of the conference type rooms signing autographs for a couple of hours that night. Only the people who had been at the fashion show and about 100 others would be able to take part in this.

    I wanted Melzer’s autograph but was too afraid to approach him for it. I just stood across the room and watched other fans talking to him. I basically was there to observe, not to interact which I’m not that good at. Sometimes in the holodeck I don’t have the social anxiety but this time.

   I went out into the hallway after about 20 minutes. I was about to go into the 2nd room but when I saw John talking to someone over by the front door in the lobby, I went over to a nearby souvenir booth, pretending to be browsing and eavesdropped for a little while. It’s so bad that I was being nosy.

    I walked towards the other conference room but stayed outside of it for a few minutes. John was now over by the elevator; I guess that he’d be staying here for the night. I know that I wasn’t a guest at this hotel; the info for a cheaper motel where I’d be at for a few days was in my purse.

   I acted as if I was heading towards the restrooms just so I could walk past John. I should not have done this; it felt as if I were stalking the guy. That’s what my brother would’ve said about what I was doing like he did about me going to his 2 book signings in reality.

    I sort of wanted to say hello when I got closer to him but was afraid to. I was so surprised when he actually said hi to me and smiled. Yes, even in this fantasy world, I was slightly embarrassed to be thinking “What a lovely smile!” Just as I was about to say something to him, I was teleported back to my bedroom on Earth.

   The tennis was on my TV. I watched it for about 30 minutes.  I was thinking how nice that it would have been to have seen some matches at that event in the holodeck, esp. a Melzer one!  This was not a tournament that actually exists though; it was taking place somewhere in upstate New York.

   Maybe Sam had wanted to keep me there for longer but couldn’t because he was close to getting caught – humans are no longer allowed to be on his planet. I wonder if their government would ever reverse that law like he was hoping might happen someday soon.

Jurgen Melzer

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