Tuesday, February 25, 2020

September 19, 2015-More Friends- Part 2

   In high school I sometimes hung out with Mary and her friends at their table in the cafeteria. They were a year ahead of me. I think that she was a part of the Peer Club that would look after under classmates. They all seemed nice. I just wish that I hadn’t been so afraid to talk to them. I only did so a little.

   Mary invited me to her graduation party where I found out that she also had a crush on Don Mattingly. Someone gave her an 8x10 photo of him as a gift. It would have been good if I had gotten to know her and the other girls better.

   She is one of my Facebook friends as are some of my other former friends and classmates. I don’t really associate with any of them on that site though. I have sent them birthday wishes occasionally. I’m not that interested in social networking that way or even in person. I’m a very strange girl.

   A tiny part of me disagrees with this and was sort of hoping that I could make a connection with some of the girls that I’ve met at DD concerts and events. Of course, I don’t feel as if this could ever truly happen. I have done so a little bit with a couple of them but even this feels awkward to me.

   Tracey and I cut classes one afternoon to go down the shore – Asbury Park.  She borrowed her sister’s car, a Fiero, for this. That’s the only time that I’ve ever done something bad like that during my school days. I only got detention twice and the one time it was the whole class in high school. I can’t remember why this happened to me in the 5th grade.

   Tracey was a big Springsteen fan. I’m pretty sure she had a crush on him. We didn’t really hang out that much and it was mainly at school. She was nice; I wish that we could have had a closer friendship but I guess that my social anxiety was partially to blame for this.

   Julia and I went to the Westfield Theater to see The Manhattan Project but I don’t really remember anything about that movie. Mom took the 2 of us and Mike to Woodbridge Mall. Julia ran up the down escalator there. Mom bought her a nice pair of jeans that day.

   She rode her bike over to our house one day. We drove her home. I only remember being at her host families house once or twice; I think that it was in Roselle.

   We mostly only hung out together in school though and she seemed closer to a few other girls in our class. I am glad that we were friends and not just because I got the chance to go to Germany and stay with her family. I would have never been able to afford anything but what I had to pay for- the airline ticket and souvenirs-otherwise.

   My 2- 3 year friendship in the late 90s with Lynn was nice; it’s a shame that we drifted apart. We had sent holiday cards to each other for a few years after that. We had a lot of fun going to garage sales and flea markets.  We sometimes did arts and crafts like decoupage. She liked stuffed animals and stickers too.  I gave her my small Friend Care Bear.

   We went to the Flemington Outlet Center with a couple of friends of hers. Matt and I went to her birthday party. I gave her a Gund brand doggie which she loved. She had a pet ferret but I don’t remember its name.

    Gina and Roy were our family friends. They used to live somewhere in North Jersey before moving to a house across the street from us.

   Our parents went with them to a mall in that area one day in 1976. That is when they bought our Shetland sheepdog pup Rusty from a pet store there. They had an adorable doggie named Barky. I am pretty sure that it was part Border collie.

 Mom said that Roy and Gina saw Grease in the movie theater at least 10 times. I liked the big scrapbook of 8x10s of stars that they had in the attic room of their nice house. I wish that I could remember who was in this book. In the early 90s, Mike and I started collecting photos of our favorite stars too.

  Roy and Dad worked in GM. They used to drive there together. Early one morning (it was still dark), Roy was hit and killed by a car when crossing the street to get to our apartment. This was very upsetting. That was in 1980 or 1981, I think.




Sunday, February 23, 2020

September 19, 2015- More Friends-Part 1

I seem to think about our childhood friends, acquaintances and classmates often, even in my dreams. I’m sure that they don’t think of us. Amy would just say “How do you know that?” They have/had other friends in their lives so we weren’t a significant part of it. I’m not doing the mind reading thing; I’m simply saying that this could be true. Mike agrees with me.

   Michelle G was a nice girl whom I was friends with for a few years but we weren’t that close which I’m wishing now that we could have been. I remember how much she loved Sesame Street’s Grover. She even had a Super Grover stuffed animal. The girls were telling scary stories like about the Hookman at her birthday/slumber party.

   She was in the Girl Scouts for a couple of years or maybe a little more. She accidentally dropped a meatball with sauce on me which messed up my white blouse at a covered dish supper in the gym of our grade school. We were actually laughing about that. Now something like this would make me very anxious and upset.  I wonder if she was jealous of Jen who had a lot of badges like I was.

   There were so many slugs on the sidewalk in front of Michelle’s house one day which totally creeped us out. Her mom drove me home once and thought that we lived in the entire apartment unit of 3. I had to explain to her the 4 types of apartments that are in our town. That was one floor. We are in a 2 floor, unit of 4 one now.

   I wish that she hadn’t switched schools in the 7th grade. We didn’t keep in touch after that. Or maybe we did via mail a couple of times. I do still have a letter of hers. I should read it and see when it’s from. I also have a picture of Hagar the Horrible that she drew for me.

   I was friends with my neighbor Trisha when I was a little girl. I don’t remember that much about her though. She has a younger brother. I have a few photos of her- at my birthday party and our town carnival. I’m pretty sure that we went to preschool together. They moved to a house in Roselle that I vaguely recall being at once or twice.

  Mike and I were friends with Christina and her sister Diane. Our moms were also good friends. We went to Christina’s birthday/pool party. Pin the Tail on the Donkey was played at it. We were kind of jealous that their parents had a station wagon with a back window that could open. We wished that Dad had gotten one like this too.

   Both of their parents died over the past 7 years. Christina was taking care of them. She has a cute beagle. It is so mean that her brother kicked her out of the house so that he can move in there. She stopped by a few years ago and told us about this. We hadn’t seen her in a long time. It was nice to hear that she has good memories of our friendship. So there is one friend that has thought of us.

   I could have been friends with Carol S but I blew that by blabbing a secret that she had told me to the popular girls on the bus ride home from our Scout trip to DC in 1981. She had stolen a t shirt from a souvenir place. Did I actually think that by doing this that they would accept me into their clique? There was no chance of that ever happening. I was still that nerdy girl to them and I lost out on having a friend. Carol was so upset with me. I felt horrible about this.



Trisha and Me


Note- Super Grover and the game are internet photos.

Saturday, February 22, 2020

September 18, 2015- Duran Duran- Today Show- Part 2

   During “Last Night in the City”, Simon and the girl singer- I forget her name- came down the runway to sing part of it. Simon was so close to us when he was there.
  I didn’t even realize that I had been taking so many photos until I got home and looked at them. I am kind of annoyed at myself for my lack of control. I swore that I wouldn’t do that again. I don’t seem to be able to learn my lesson after doing so at the Wellmont Theater 7 years ago.

   I heard Kelly telling someone that there were still wristbands available for DD’s album signing at Century 21 on October 7. I had been thinking about going there to get this and the CD for the past 10 days but was feeling too afraid and embarrassed to do so. I wish that I wasn’t.
   It was funny that Dom was wearing a fan pass during the sound check. I didn’t notice this until looking at my photos. I went onto Facebook and looked at Jenny and Kelly’s pictures too.

   I don’t even know what other guests were on the show that day and part of me doesn’t even care. Sarah Jessica Parker might have been one of them. I wish that I could have seen the adorable Wrangler. I did see a cute Yorkie. That girl singer was holding it.

   I did set the DVR up to tape this so I probably will watch it someday soon. I don’t know if I want to transfer it to videotape to keep it or not yet though. I would put it on with their 2012 appearance on “GMA” that I was also at if I do. I still haven’t watched that.




Friday, February 21, 2020

September 18, 2015- Duran Duran- “Today” Show- Part 1

Jenny picked me up at around 1:20 yesterday. We were waiting in her car until the train arrived. DD’s Paper Gods was playing on her stereo.

   Of course, my brother thinks that we are obsessed for getting up so early to attend this event. I don’t even care that thinks that about me regarding DD anymore. I am allowed to like them a lot.

   We were on line at the studio by 2:50. About 10 people were already there. The one was the girl who had been first in line at both the Terminal 5 and Port Chester shows.

   We got to see the DD guys arriving there. Well, we didn’t see John until Jenny played her video of this. He had gone inside so quickly that we missed him. Nick was shaking a couple of people’s hands which was nice.

   Kelly, the girl behind me, likes country music. I heard her talking to someone about some of the country stars who have done the concert series for this show. I told her that I had a pass for Alan Jackson but was unable to go. She had been there for that.

   I mentioned that I had been at the Chris Young concert at the Westbury in LI. She showed me a photo of her and him together; I was a little jealous. She is one of my Facebook friends now.

   We didn’t get into the Plaza to see the entire sound check of “Ordinary World” I don’t know why they had waited so long to start the process of letting us in.

   Jenny motioned for me to go over to the right because we would be closer to the stage there. It seemed as if a lot of the girls were making a mad dash to the left- must have been those devoted JT fans.

   Jenny and I were really upset that the guy employee (not sure of his job title) was handing out the wristbands that entitled you to move up closer to the stage to the people behind us. That was so unfair. We and the others in the front row had been waiting there a lot longer than they had.

   I tried not to let this spoil my enjoyment of this event but it was in the back of my mind off and on throughout it.

   The songs that they performed were “Ordinary World”, “Last Night in the City”, “Pressure Off”, and “Hungry Like the Wolf”. They also did a bit of “Notorious”; I guess that this was lead in to the return of the show from a commercial break or vice-versa.

   The live audience got a treat- a bonus song, “Save a Prayer.” We were all happy about that. The time seemed to pass by so quickly during the show unlike the wait before it when it was dragging by.

   Savannah called their new album “Paper Goods” which was kind of funny. I am sure that she was embarrassed. I can’t remember if it was Simon or John who corrected her. 


Thursday, February 20, 2020

May 3, 2012- Simon and Roger

I was standing by a river looking at some elephants. There were a couple of adorable baby ones that I was taking a photo of. I heard a man’s voice asking me something about my camera. I looked over at him and saw that it was Simon Le Bon. We both looked in our early 20s.

   We talked about photography, travel, and animals. After about 10 minutes, we saw a crocodile approaching us at a fast speed. We ran into a cave to hide from it.

   There was a guy who looked like Harrison Ford in his mid-20s there. He told us that he was studying the plant life of this area. He invited us to stay for lunch but we declined. He then showed us a back way out of the cave. We had told him about the croc.

   As we were walking along the path and talking, Simon tripped over a rock and fell into a mud puddle. A middle aged couple approached us and gave Simon a towel to wipe himself off with.

   We sat under a tree that wasn’t that far from the hotel for a bit. Just as we were about to go there, the scenery changed.

    I was now sitting in the backseat of my Aunt Ann’s Honda Accord. Mom was there with me. My aunt was behind the wheel and a man with dark hair was in the passenger seat.

   When he turned around, I saw that it was Roger Taylor. We all looked as we did in the early 90s. Roger showed me a music mix CD that he had made. He would be doing his DJ thing at a club in Bordentown. As if he would really go to such a location.

   I found out that the son of my aunt’s friend was supposed to be driving him there but he was too sick to do so. We would be dropping him off there then going to Burlington Center mall. I would be going to that club later.

   At the mall, we went to Sears, Strawbridge and Clothier, JC Penny’s (where I bought a purple top), B Dalton’s (my aunt and I were looking at mystery novels), and Sam Goody (I checked out the Duran Duran section, naturally).

   We had dinner at the pizza place. I was excited about getting to see Roger again soon. Unfortunately, the storyline ended before I had that chance.

    I noticed that I still had the same purse from the holodeck. It had been in both scenarios. I opened it up and the camera was inside. I was happy that I would have photos of the elephants and one of Simon too.


Note- photos of  Simon Le Bon,the elephants, Harrison Ford, and the mall are from the internet.


Wednesday, February 19, 2020

September 15, 2015- Duran Duran- Terminal 5- NYC

I was so excited that I got to be in the front row of a Duran Duran concert for the first time ever. Gina, the girl that I was hanging out with before the show, was so happy about this too.

   We were all the way over to the left which was would have been better if not for that mini keyboard thing blocking the view of JT occasionally. You could see his bass then but not his face.

   I tried not letting this get to me and focusing on Simon and the rest of the gang more than but my fucked up brain wouldn’t fully let go of that disappointment. It didn’t seem to bother Gina that much; I wish that I could be more like her.

   She also likes John. She learned how to play the bass because of him.  It is interesting that at the past two shows I have wound up meeting and becoming Facebook friends with girls who have this in common with me. I am still ashamed to admit that I actually have a favorite. A big part of me just wants to say that I just like the music.

   Her favorite song is “New Moon on Monday”. She hasn’t seen them in concert since 2000, I think. My memory hasn’t been that great lately. She did say that she has the tour book from 1994.

   The concert was really good. The opening act was not bad. I don’t remember their name or any of the songs though.

   It was funny that both of us said that we don’t really care for “White Lines” and “Wild Boys”. At the beginning of both, we were making faces of disapproval at one another about this.

   They performed “Too Much Information” which I have never seen in concert before. I am pretty sure that I read that they haven’t done this at a show since 2001.

   I finally got to see them perform “Girls on Film” this year. They hadn’t done it at the Bethlehem show which some fans were upset about there. I won’t even get into that whole missing it at the Port Chester encore incident again.

   I just wish that I hadn’t mentioned that incident to the lawyer guy in line behind me. He said that I should have stuck around. He also told me that they hardly ever perform “Careless Memories”.

   I didn’t need to hear this. The self-criticism routine about it is starting again now. I had told Jenny about this too. She sympathized with me. I am sure that she wouldn’t have left that night. She is such a devoted fan.

  I didn’t meet Gina until we were in a waiting area in the terrace on the inside of this venue. It was kind of a strange place. I was just so glad that I had splurged on the ticket and that everything worked out.

   There was an Irish guy behind me that spilled some of his beer on me which was upsetting. Geez, the only times that this has ever happened to me has been at two DD shows. I probably wouldn’t be as upset about it if it were at any other concerts.

   I nearly left my bag with the print-out ticket and folder in it at that venue. I had that bag tied to my purse. I hadn’t even noticed that it fell off there during the show. Luckily, I noticed this before we left that place. Thank goodness it was close to the spot we had been in.

   Well, I finally listened to the Paper Gods CD. It is excellent. I am sure that most fans would wonder what took me so long to listen to it. I have had it for 3 days now. I was mostly watching TV over the weekend. And listening to my country music.

   I am anxious about going to see them at the “Today” show in two days, mainly because of having to socialize with Jenny. You would think that I would feel more comfortable interacting with people by now but it never gets easier, unfortunately.

   I am also feeling happy that she asked me to come along with her. It was nice that she thought of me. We surely are going to have wonderful time. We will be taking a very early train- 1:45- to get there so we can try to get close to the stage. I just hope that they open the barrier up and let the people towards the front move up even closer like they did at the Lady A show last fall.

John Taylor
Note- the concert photo was taken by Gina.

Tuesday, February 18, 2020

July 13, 2015- Buffy and Ginger

I felt my hand being licked while I was half-asleep. When I opened my eyes, my adorable spaniel Buffy was in bed with me. I was so happy to see her. I was also glad that I wasn’t in reality now. The day had been a pretty stressful one and not even listening to my Duran Duran Rio CD could calm me down.

   I was petting and hugging Buffy, plus telling her how much that I love her. I still feel terrible about not taking better care of the real Buffy. I should not have listened to that vet who told me to keep her on the steroid allergy med. That messed up her system as did not brushing her teeth.

   I should have gotten a second opinion and also have been willing to pay more for another kind of med. My brother and mother also feel horrible about this.

   I still feel as if people and other animals in the alien holodeck are very real to me. I guess that in the “Star Trek” world, the holograms are life-like too. You can touch them as if they are. It is not like the one that I saw during a Brad Paisley concert. I think that was a Carrie Underwood hologram.

   Something really strange happened next. The stuffed polar bear on my bed came to life and started talking to me. At first, I was a little startled and scared. Part of me was worried that the mean alien had had into this program and made this bear evil but luckily this wasn’t the case. He seemed friendly and even wanted to pet Buffy.

   Things got even better when suddenly my sweet mutt Ginger appeared on the bed with us. Buffy gave her a look that appeared to indicate that she didn’t want her there. Ginger looked at Buffy and also didn’t seem happy that another doggie was around.

   They sniffed one another. I told them that I loved them both equally. They then got along well which I was so pleased about.

   Ginger was always close to me. Buffy was more Mom’s doggie. I was a bit surprised that Buffy was sleeping with me but also overjoyed.

   I can’t believe that next year it will be 30 years since Ginger died. She could have lived longer if Dad had just paid to find out why she was so sick. It could have been just an infection that meds would have cured.

   It will be 5 years in November since Buffy’s death. I hope that I get to see both of them, Mookie, and other doggies in the afterlife.

   I was feeling a little sleepy after about 40 minutes. It was about 7:00 a.m. now. I should have been getting up but I wanted to stay in bed with my doggies for a bit longer. This was taking place in our present apartment which was unusual.

   I felt so comfortable and peaceful. I was beginning to fall asleep. The sound of my brother’s alarm woke me up. When I opened my eyes, my doggies were no longer there. I instantly knew that I was no longer in the holodeck. I wish that I could have been there longer.

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