Wednesday, June 9, 2010

My Music Dream

December 11, 2001

I got to see Sting in concert last night - in my dreams that is. The weird thing is that this was taking place in the auditorium/ gym of my former grade school .There were 6 or 7 other performers at this show too like Rod Stewart. Sting did 4 songs then Rod came out and did a few of his hits. After him The Outfield did Your Love. Most of the people in the audience wanted Sting to do more songs which he did later. Culture Club did Miss Me Blind. Duran Duran was also there - with JT, as if he'd want to get back together with them. Michelle H., the girl who used to pick on me alot in that school was sitting next to me and was actually being very nice to me at this event. I kept wishing that I had a seat closer to the stage and was thinking that I wish that I had brought my binoculars. It's not as if this room was that big. The guy in back of me did have them though. Everybody was so happy when Sting performed again. He did 4 more songs including Every Breath You Take. He came off of the stage and for a few minutes was shaking people's hands which I thought was pretty cool.

I had no idea back then that all the original members of Duran Duran had indeed reunited that year - in May, I think. Didn't find this out until a few years later. I'm sure that this was yet another one of my alien abduction dreams and they had me in a holodeck like in Star Trek with either shape shifting aliens or holograms or both.


Pam@GoRetro said...

I wish my dreams were as long and intricate! I saw Duran Duran in concert as part of a radio station lineup a few years ago. They still sounded great but sadly, anyone under the age of 35 left the theater because they didn't recognize the music. Made me feel old.

LaraAnn said...

I used to have alot of them but not so much now and I really miss this. DD did sound okay at the Wellmont Theater in 2008. I wasn't into them in the 80s but watched a concert DVD from 1982 - wish that I could've seen them back then. I would've felt the same way if I were at that event too.

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