Friday, June 25, 2010

My Duran Duran dream

November 18, 2001

I was abducted by aliens when I was sleeping. When I woke up I was laying on top of the picnic table at my old apartment where I lived until 1993. Loud music is what woke me up - it was the Pet Shop Boys only they weren't on the radio. They were across the street in the field performing West End Girls. There were a few screens. I didn't even try to go over there. I wasn't even scared. I guess that I was on a holodeck and they were either holograms or shape shifting aliens.

Next on the stage was Poison. When they were done they came into my yard. I did not want them there. Luckily they left quickly. I looked at the screen and got excited when I saw John Taylor. Duran Duran did a few songs. After New Moon on Monday they came across the street and were going down the alley next to my house. I decided to follow them. They were going to the Coachman Inn hotel nearby. They didn't seem to mind that I was tagging along.

Simon wanted a flashlight but the guy at the desk said that they didn't have one. I said that they could go to my house for one. The strange thing is that we all looked younger once we got to the hotel. They needed to change first. The elevator was broken so we had to walk up the stairs.

John and I were lagging behind. We stopped, sat on the stairs and started kissing. He said that I was a good kisser. Very weird but nice. Simon yelled "Hurry up!" I saw a poster of Jon Bon Jovi there and didn't even care that I'd be missing Bon Jovi's part of this concert. I used to be so into them.

We went back to my house. Too Shy was being performed by Kajagoogoo. I gave them the flashlight. I thought that they were all going to leave but John stayed. He saw the 2 McCartney posters in my bedroom and made a comment about this. He liked them. We did some talking but then started making out but when things got nastier the scene changed. We were in the bedroom of my present apartment. I never even kissed a boy in my old bedroom.

Even though he was just an alien I still feel embarrased about this. We spent a nice romantic weekend in Panama City Beach, Florida in the next part of this strange dream. I have no idea why Simon wanted that flashlight.

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