Sunday, January 17, 2016

Cabbage Patch Kids

Lara and Gerald 
Gerald and me

Gerald, Myrtle, and me
Mom's CPKs- shelf 6 and 7
Cabbage Patch Kids- We had 10 of these but sold half of them at flea markets, including the Yankees and Mets versions. We might have given the Spain one to Rob. Mom has an original which is different from the ones in the stores. I remember her telling me about standing in long lines for a few of ours. They are kind of homely looking but we liked them anyhow. The versions these days are uglier. Our preemie actually has my name.

Saturday, January 16, 2016

Return to the blog world

I can't believe that it has been nearly 2 years since I have done a post on here and almost as long since I have visited any of the nice people that I follow. I have sort of been too depressed to even do so. I have missed being a part of this wonderful community and hope to get back into the blog scene shortly. I hope that everyone has been doing okay. Can't wait to catch up with some of your posts.
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