Thursday, June 17, 2010

Classic Movies that Mom and I enjoy

Mom and I watched alot of classic movies when I was a kid. I'm glad that she got me into such films. These are some that we both enjoy -
- The Adventures of Robin Hood
- Arsenic and Old Lace
- Rear Window
- Gaslight
- Rebecca
- Bell, Book and Candle
- The Great Escape
- White Christmas
- It's A Wonderful Life
- The Ten Commandments
- Harvey
- The Quiet Man
- Mister Roberts
- Mrs. Miniver
- Three Coins in a Fountain
- Mildred Pierce
- Doctor Zhivago
- Guess Who's Coming To Dinner
- The Spiral Staircase
- Giant
- Topper
- The Thin Man
- The Uninvited


Pam@GoRetro said...

Dr. Zhivago and Guess Who's Coming to Dinner are two of my favorites, too. My mother and I recently watched Rebecca - not the original film, but a BBC miniseries that came out a few years ago. We loved it.

Ally said...

Oh wow, I have to rent Mildred Pierce, I remember years ago wanting to and forgetting all about it. Great Escape, I want that one too.

I loved: Guess Who's Coming To Dinner!

Have you seen:
A Patch of Blue (so good)
Alice Doesn't Live Here and
Who's That Knocking At My Door? Soooo awesome!

LaraAnn said...

Pam - I'll have to look into that BBC Rebecca. I do like Masterpiece Theatre on PBS so I'm sure I'll like that. My parents loved Doctor Zhivago so much that they named me Lara from this. They also had Somewhere My Love as their wedding song.

Ally - I did see A Patch of Blue. It's been a long time so I don't remember alot about it. I'd like to see this and others again. I haven't heard of the third film that you mentioned - now I want to look into it. Maybe my library has all these and I can take them out.

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