Friday, January 15, 2021

Bon Jovi Concert Memories 2010-2014

 July 9, 2010- The Meadowlands, NJ

Mike and I don’t really like the new stadium. The rows seem narrower, for one thing. It is pretty scary climbing up the stairs too. We were all the way up in the last row of this venue.

   The staff made us throw our umbrellas away which we were pretty upset about. We only had brought them to use outside of the stadium if necessary. We had taken a train and lite rail there so we couldn’t put them in our car like the lady told us to do.

   We were sitting next to a nice couple from Upstate NY; I think that the town was Newburg. The husband said that this show was his wife’s birthday gift to him. They asked us what other music that we are into. I was kind of embarrassed when I mentioned Duran Duran. Mike said Def Leppard.

   A drunk guy was a couple of seats away from us. I felt very uncomfortable when he came over to talk to me when my brother was in the bathroom. He asked me where I was from and touched me on my arm. I was relieved when Mike returned.

   Kid Rock was the opening act; he was on stage longer than other such performers that I have seen. We didn’t really care for him. He came back out to sing “Old Time Rock and Roll” with Bon Jovi later. Richie Sambora sang “Lay Your Hands on Me” which we weren’t happy about.

   Late in the show, during “Livin” on a Prayer”, it looked as if Jon injured himself. He said something like he thinks that he might have pulled him calf muscle. He wasn’t moving around that well but kept performing, naturally. When I talked with Mike about this the next day, he told me that he hadn’t even been aware of this.

   Mike had gotten Nathan’s fries for $5.00 and a soda for $4.75. I didn’t buy the tour book this time because it was $30.00; the most that I have ever spent on one for them is $25.00, I think.

   I was beating myself up for not just putting my purse on my seat. It was feeling a little uncomfortable with the strap across my body which was unusual; at other shows, it has been fine.

   Dad had picked us up from the train station. The show ran longer than we had thought that it would. He told us that he had been waiting there for two hours.

Thursday, December 24, 2020

Some 1980s Hallmark Christmas Decorations-Part 2

 I used to collect raccoon items in the late 1970s-early 1990s, including these ornaments

Santa, Otter 1995, and a sleeping bear

Wall hanging decorations

Monday, December 21, 2020

Some 1980s Hallmark Christmas Decorations

Stocking hanger

Mom's ornaments

The reindeer stuffed animal in the middle of photo 5 might be another brand, as is the mouse (second from the left) in photo 3.


Sunday, December 13, 2020

Chiller Theatre Show- October 28, 2017- Part 2


Tony didn’t get any autographs. He was going to get Linda Miller’s as Mike had done but changed his mind. He did purchase a dragon figure. Mike bought a Pops figure, Sara Jane from “Doctor Who”. I didn’t get anything from the vendor’s area. I did see a Castiel from “Supernatural” Pops figure but it cost too much for me. I have 4 Doctor Who ones that were gifts. I better not get into this collectible like I did with beanie babies- I regret spending so much on those!

  Once again, part of me was wishing that I could have attended the “Supernatural” convention in Secaucus. I think that it was earlier this month. They already have plans for another one there next year. That is way beyond my budget, however. I was curious about the cost of the gold package- for the whole weekend and a bunch of perks- is nearly $1,000.00.  I told Mike about this and we both agree that this is insane.

  We went to the Chinese Buffet afterwards for dinner. I feel uneasy about this type of place but did my best to make the healthiest choices that I could, except for the ice cream. Tony had some mint chocolate chip which is my favorite flavor so I did too. If I hadn’t snacked on 2 of Mike’s chocolate chip cookies earlier, I wouldn’t have felt as bad about this.

  Mike was telling Tony about the Winter Con in Queens on December 2. Five stars from “Buck Rogers” and four from “Blade Runner” are going to be there. Tony seemed a little interested in the latter but he probably will be busy working that day. Mike said that he would pay for my ticket so I suppose that I will go with him.

   He ordered the DVDs of “Buck Rogers” and wants me to watch it with him. I told him that I will do so; we used to have fun watching this show and” Battlestar Galactica” together when we were kids. We recently saw an episode of the latter in which Randolph Mantooth was one of the guest stars.

  He is hoping that they have a 40th anniversary reunion of the Battlestar”’ people next year at either Chiller or Winter Con. That would be nice. He met a couple of them at other shows. I am glad that I got to see Richard Hatch at one with him in 2008. He passed away sometime this year. I met the guy who played Boomer like 17 years ago. Both actors were nice. My brother is more into this show than I am, obviously. I found out that my therapist liked it too.

   I kind of regret not getting up enough courage to attend a few of the other Chiller Theatre shows. I was too anxious to go with Tony and Mike because Dad was with them. I missed out on seeing some “Love Boat”, “Happy Days”, and “Star Trek- TNG “actors then. I somehow got up enough nerve this time even though he was originally going to join us. I am such a bad girl for feeling relieved that I didn’t have to interact with him. God must be really displeased with me because of this.

Friday, December 11, 2020

Chiller Theatre Show- October 28, 2017- Part 1


This was such an exhausting day, both physically and mentally. The place was crazy crowded so I was feeling pretty anxious. Somehow, I got through all of this madness. I guess that it was worth it. Part of me would have rather been at home watching the tennis though.

   Pop didn’t come with us because he still isn’t feeling well. Tony got the “Leave It to Beaver” stars, Tony Dow and Jerry Mathers, autographs for him. We don’t know why he wanted to spend even more money on them signing his DVD of that show; it was the same expensive price for this, no deals like some stars.

   Mike and I went to the room that Randolph Mantooth was in first. Luckily, it wasn’t crowded in there yet. Mike showed him the Halloween 1976 photos that I had printed out. That was the year that he was dressed as a fireman, with the Emergency! helmet and megaphone. I didn’t really hear what Mr. Mantooth said about this; I was too nervous about getting his autograph to notice.

   I can’t even remember if I said hello to him or not before he asked my name. I spelled it out- was that really necessary, maybe he did hear me correctly after all. I had my photo taken with him as Mark had- the price wasn’t bad, otherwise we wouldn’t have done so. I said thank you to him twice throughout this encounter. I feel stupid for doing that. I should have said “Have a nice day” or “It was nice meeting you”.

   The line for Robert Fuller was long so we decided to wait until later to go back to that. Mike hadn’t been sure if he wanted to get his autograph or not; I kind of talked him into it. He was still upset that the other “Emergency!” star, Kevin Tighe, wasn’t there. Geez, he was more into this show than I even realized.

   Other stars that we saw- 3 each from “Sanford and Son” (the 2 cops and Rollo), “Land of the Lost”, and “Little House on the Prairie” (those who played Nellie, Carrie, and Almonzo); 4 from “Charles in Charge”, including Willie Ames; some from the wrestling world- Mean Gene Okerlund and Nikolai Volkoff,; Lou Diamond Phillips, Charlene Tilton, Larry Storch, Todd Bridges, and Barry Williams. I was thinking about Sharon when I saw the latter because she loves “The Brady Bunch”.

   There was a room with music stars but I didn’t really know any of them. Melissa Manchester wasn’t in there with them. I think that she was in the room with a guy from “The Sopranos”. I would have to check the program booklet. Tony Danza was in his own private room so unless you waited on the line to get his autograph, you couldn’t even see him.

  When we did return to Mr. Fuller’s line, the lady told us that in 15 minutes he would be going to do a panel and wouldn’t be back until about 3 p.m. We waited and prayed that we would get to meet him before he left but the person before us was the last to do so. If we hadn’t gone out to put our coats in the car and have a snack, we would have been just in time.

   We decided to go to that panel. The one before this was running a bit late so we waited on line. We found out 15 minutes later when we were about to go in the room that it was for fan club members only. We had like 45 minutes to kill so we went to see some of the stars that had been out on breaks and gaze at others again.

   Mr. Fuller’s panel must have been running late too- he go back to his table about 3:15. Mike was chatting with him a bit, mentioning that he had met his friend Robert Pine at a previous show. He seemed happy to hear this. I wasn’t as nervous talking to him and even shook his hand as Mike did. My brother also had done this with Mr. Mantooth earlier. I could barely look at him so no way would I have been able to shake his hand, unless he had held his out first- it would have been rude and strange not to reciprocate.

Tuesday, December 8, 2020

Dreamtime- March 22, 2004- Party in Maine

Mom and I were at a party at a nice beach house in Maine. Fictional friends of the family were the hosts. Aunt Ann and her four kids, Missy, Kevin, Donna, and Fran were there. A few of our other friends, Kathy, Helen and Maureen were too.

   We all looked younger, as we did in about 1986. It was a little disappointing that my brother wasn’t part of this storyline. I guess that he was unable to make it to this get-together. I wondered why.

   I was talking to a guy who looked like the actor who plays Jamie on “EastEnders”. I wasn’t even feeling that nervous. We chatted for about 15 minutes before he went outside to play horseshoes with three of the other guests.

    My cousin Kevin accidentally called me Sara instead of Lara; he apologized for this. He told me that my mother and aunt went for a walk.

   I saw Missy but it was so strange that she looked about only 10 years old. In reality, she is only 3 years younger than me so she should be 13 here. Time and other things are often different in the holodeck. She was playing a board game, Parcheesi, with 2 other kids around her age.

   While a boy was taking his turn, she gave me a picture of a dog that she had drawn. I thanked her for this. I folded it in half and put it in my sweater pocket.

   I suddenly felt tired, but it didn’t feel natural. It was almost as if the mean aliens were making me feel this way. I fell asleep on the couch in the rec room. I had put my glasses on the coffee table before doing so. When I woke up about 25 minutes later, I could not find my glasses which made me feel panicky.

   I looked around for about 30 seconds and spotted a pair but these were not mine. Then, in other spots throughout this room there were five more pairs, none of them mine either. I was very upset about this. I went out into the hallway and finally found mine on a table next to a vase of flowers. I was so relieved.

   I guess that this was yet another terrible thing that had been done to me by the aliens who sometimes hack into Sam’s programs. It is twisted that they seem to like upsetting me.

   I went into the living room. Fran and a few others were watching “Magnum P. I.” on a big screen television. I watched it a little while with them and talked to Fran for a bit during the commercials.

   I decided to go outside. On the deck, I saw Helen, Kathy, and a few other people sitting around a picnic table. I talked to them for a little while before taking a walk.

   Only about 10 minutes away from this house was a small restaurant. I wanted to see what it was like so I went inside. I saw Mom and Aunt Ann sitting at one of the tables. That was odd; why would they want to eat here and not at the party?

   I didn’t go over to them right away. I was looking at the photos on the wall. There were some of famous people that had signatures on them. They must have been customers at this place.

     I saw Hall & Oates and Jon Bon Jovi, who looked as he did in the early 1990s. He was wearing a leather jacket, sunglasses, and was sitting on a motorcycle. I couldn’t help thinking “Oh brother”. Even in a family storyline, that guy has to show up in it somehow.

   When I went back towards the table that my aunt and mother were at, they were no longer there. Maybe they had walked back to the house. I started doing so too but could not find it. Had I been going the wrong way and gotten lost? How could I have done that though? Maybe the aliens messed with my sense of direction.

    I turned around and headed the opposite way. I was certain that I was now near the spot in which this home was located, only it was not there anymore. I was feeling both angry and upset. This holodeck program had been kind of cool except for when it was being interfered with by the bullies.

   They had made the house and my friends and family disappear. I was feeling so scared and alone, as I have been in real life. I wasn’t sure what to do next. I checked my sweater pocket; the doggie picture was still in there.

   I sat down on a bench outside of the diner. I was feeling sleepy again so I closed my eyes. When I opened them up a few minutes later, I saw that I was now back in my bedroom on Earth. I noticed a piece of paper on my dresser that hadn’t been there before; it was the drawing that my cousin had made for me.

   I was glad that Sam had let me keep this. I heard his voice in my head telling me that he was sorry that he was unable to prevent the program from being corrupted. He said that he would try to find a way to stop this from happening in the future, but it would be hard because the mean aliens were extremely sneaky and highly intelligent.

"Magnum PI"

Jamie- "EastEnders"

Note- The 2nd photo is from the internet



Saturday, December 5, 2020

Bon Jovi Concert Memories 2000-2007- Part 4

November 4, 2007 – Prudential Center, Newark, NJ

They were doing 10 shows at this new venue. I overheard the girl on line in front of us saying that she had purchased tickets for 7 of them. That definitely seems kind of obsessive. Were they all for her or some for just friends?  We had craptastic seats all the way to the side of the stage. I’m just glad that we even were at this event despite this.

    I bought the tour book which was $30.00, the most I’ve ever paid for one of theirs. Mike talked to a guy from Sweden when we were on line for that before the show. He got ice cream from the Carvel stand. I was still feeling a little sick. It was stupid that I didn’t take off my jacket; it was feeling kind of warm there. I was also beating myself up for not putting the binocular case behind me. The seats are small and the space between rows is narrow at this venue.

   Daughtry was the opening act. I knew 4 of the songs.  We had to stand during “Livin’ on a Prayer” because the people in front of us were doing so and blocking our view. “Lost Highway” was the first song and” I’ll Sleep When I’ m Dead “the last one. Mike was doing a song count – 22. We had a really good time.

   It was embarrassing when my brother yelled out “We love you, Bon Jovi” during one point of the show. I was happy that JBJ would sometimes come over to our side of the stage so I got a great view of him then.  Mike teased me for using the binoculars a lot and for singing and swaying to some of the music.

   It’s such a relief being able to take the train to concerts which is why I like when they are in the city and now here. There is way too much stress driving to them.  If they had one going to the Meadowlands we probably would have gone to many more events there. Well not a whole lot because of financial reasons but definitely more. 

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