Monday, June 14, 2010

Favourite 80's Songs Part 3

1. Forget Me Nots - Patrice Rushen
2. Cherish - Kool & The Gang
3. Planet Earth - Duran Duran
4. Heat of the Moment - Asia
5. Photograph - Def Leppard
6. How 'Bout Us - Champagne
7. Turn Your Love Around - George Benson
8. No Reply At All - Genesis
9. Hold Me Now - Thompson Twins
10. No One Is To Blame - Howard Jones
11. Stuck On You - Lionel Richie
12. I Can't Go For That (No Can Do) - Hall & Oates
13. Lights - Journey
14. The Power of Love - Huey Lewis and the News
15. Addicted to Love - Robert Palmer
16. West End Girls - Pet Shop Boys
17. Hurts So Good - John Mellencamp
18. Bad Medicine - Bon Jovi
19. If You Leave - OMD
20. Roseanna - Toto


Ally said...
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Ally said...

(sorry big typo, had to delete)

oooh "heat of the moment" is so good! forgot about that song!

wait a second, is "forget me nots" omg, it is! i just looked it up on youtube! that was one of my fave songs to roller skate to. i could cry right now. i miss youth.

anything by OMD! I love Thompson Twins and Howard Jones and Hall & Outs and Journey. Oh I love it all but the Jovi :)

LaraAnn said...

Ally - I'm happy that you like some of my favs. I miss those days too. I heard Forget Me Nots on CBS FM last night as part of the June 1982 countdown.

Pam@GoRetro said...

I think I love just about musician from the 80s. Such feel good tunes.

LaraAnn said...

Pam- Hearing 80s music makes me feel happy too. Although I wasn't as into the stuff from later in that decade.

Darrin.. said...

Man.. Howard Jones had some great feel good music huh? Nice list!!

LaraAnn said...

Darrin- thanks. I didn't start liking him until the mid 90s - better late than never, right?

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