Sunday, July 4, 2010

Too Many Beauty Products

I am feeling so overwhelmed when looking at all the beauty products in stores. There are too many to choose from and I have tried so many that have not really worked for me. I liked Clinique but this is no longer in the budget and shouldn't have been- I was using money that should've been going into savings for more important things. I used this brand for a couple of years in the 2000's. 39. 50 just for the night cream. Why must there be one moisturizer for night and another for day? And there are products for different age brackets now - I guess I have to use the ones for the 40s now. Just thinking about all this makes my head feel like it's going to explode.

I have been using the Aveeno Positively ageless line for the past couple of years. It seems okay. But maybe I should switch to the Oil of Olay Regenerist line. I remember my grandmother next door used that brand but back then they only had a few products - now there are dozens. I have been using their anti-blemish cleanser. I probably will have wrinkles and pimples at the same time. So far, I only see fine lines under my eyes. People have told me that I look younger than I actually am but now that there are some grays in my hair they probably won't which is kind of depressing.

It's pretty discouraging that I've wasted so much money on products that don't work for me. The acne cream that I recently got says reduces pimples overnight in 99 percent of people - I must be the in the 1%. So many anti acne products too - wasn't it just Clearasil zit cream in the 70's? Mom told me that it's okay to squeeze pimples - so not right. That leaves scars. I've got plenty of those but this also happened even without doing that. I hate my nasty looking face.

I read so many articles about which are the best beauty products for your skin type. Many are definitely too expensive. Some are more affordable but it gets so confusing. I kind of get sick of seeing all the beautiful and perfect people in those magazines and in Hollywood. They've got plenty of money to spend to keep them young and pretty. I don't even bother wearing makeup anymore because I just look ridiculous in it. I better throw it all away - it's been around for too long. I went overboard on buying lipstick and have about 20 tubes of it.

I'd love to know which kind of beauty products that you like and if you can suggest anything affordable for me.


Pam@GoRetro said...

A few years ago I received some samples and a catalog in the mail from a company called DHC. I don't use anything else, now. Virtually all of their products are fragrance free (a big plus for me) and made in Japan and I've never broken out using any of their stuff, not even the deep cleaning cleansing oil (which is made from a highly purified olive oil and doesn't clog your pores.)

Their products are a bit pricey but the trade off is a little goes a long way and they last forever! You can request samples and a catalog at their site which is

LaraAnn said...

These sound like nice products. I will have to go to that site and check them out. Thanks for the suggestion.

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