Monday, July 12, 2010

Favourite Mom foods

We still have our slow cooker from the 1970's but it's only been used once since 1992. Mom made a beef dish in it and we called it the ugly meat that tastes good. Mom doesn't really make any of her recipes that we liked when we were kids anymore. One was called slop which was just ground beef in tomato sauce over rice or noodles. She would make us whatever we wanted on our birthdays. I'd usually picked stuffed peppers and my brother wanted lasagna.

Other favourites were coleslaw, potato salad, baked beans, meatloaf with tomato gravy, French toast, stufffed cabbage and Taylor ham and egg sandwiches. She made a chocolate mayonnaise cake that was moist and delicious. Our family friend Glen had a piece and loved it. When he asked for a second piece mom told him that there's mayonnaise in it and he said "but I don't like mayo" - he ate it anyway.


C said...

hahahhahaha! "the ugly meat that tastes good" hahahahhaha!

thank you for welcoming me from my journey!!!!! :)

Chelly said...

Your mum sounds like a great cook! My mum also hasn't made many of the delicious dishes she used to (when we were younger) in a long while. I can recall them so vividly.

We used to have a slow cooker similar to the one in the pic too. I love pots, pans, dishes etc. from the 70s. They just seemed so cozy and homey.

Great post. :)

LaraAnn said...

C- your welcome. I forget which cut of beef this was but it was moist and fell apart from being slow cooked.

Chelly - Thanks. She definitely was. I guess I should try to make her recipes. It's amazing how our minds have such vivid memories of these meals. I agree - the kitchen stuff from the 70's is the best.

I forgot to mention her pepper steak and tomato soup cake.

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