Sunday, July 4, 2010

I hate my new eyeglasses?

I had not been to the eye doctor in 5 years. I kept putting it off, using the money that I should have saved for this on fun stuff like clothes and CDs - that was very irresponsible and childish of me. Well, last month I finally had an eye exam and luckily my insurance covered that and the lenses. I only had to pay 20.00 for the frames but now I'm not so sure that I like the ones that I chose.

I first picked them out before I even had the exam. I took my brother there for his eye exam and while I was waiting looked at the frames. They had some very nice ones. The frame that I really liked was Rampage brand but they were pretty expensive so I went over to the cheaper section. I thought that the style that I chose was about the same size as the frame that I have but it wasn't until I actually got them that I noticed that they were bigger. It's not as if they are huge like the styles that I had in the 80's but I've had smaller ones the past 2 times so they look kind of big.

My prescription is strong - I'm terribly nearsighted. I've been wearing glasses since the third grade - around 1978. I can't really wear contacts. I wouldn't want to stick anything in my eye and I would probably be dropping and losing them alot. Seems like too much work to take care of them too. My mom had them in the 1980s.

It feels like these new frames are sliding down my nose alot. I can't really get them tightened again because the girl said if I do I might start getting headaches. Maybe I'll get used of the way these bigger frames feel and look and start liking them. I did such a good job of helping my brother pick out his frames - why did I screw up with mine?

I'm semi-obsessing about the Rampage frames. They would've cost 80.00 after Medicaid coverage. If I hadn't spent my money on the Bon Jovi concert ticket I could've gotten these. Do I really need to see them again? No - I'm mostly going because my brother wants to and he didn't want to go alone. Well, maybe a small part of me is excited about it, but glasses are more important than this.


Anonymous said...

I'm breaking down this week and scheduling an eye exam for the first time in over seven years, and I'm only doing it because my glasses are falling apart. Classy.

LaraAnn said...

Wow - I thought that 5 years was a long time. I probably would've put this off even longer if I hadn't taken my brother there. I think you are supposed to go every couple of years.

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