Friday, July 30, 2010

The Real Jersey Shore

I haven't been down the shore since 2000 when I went to Cape May with my boyfriend and his family. This was the first time that I was ever there. We went in late September. I liked it alot especially the lighthouse. I'm not really into the shore that much. When I was younger I guess that I liked the beach but by 1983 I just enjoyed the boardwalk.

Our favourite shore destination was Wildwood. We always stayed at the Pulaski motel. I was there 4 or 5 times. Two times it was with my parents, brother , friend Stacey and her parents. In 1985 it was Mark, Stacey, me and our mothers. We played miniature golf on the rooftop and my brother hit the ball off of it. 1986 was the last time with Stacey and our moms. The boardwalk is great there. "Watch the tram car, please".

I remember being at Atlantic City once before the casinos. We were there 2 times in the 1980s. Our Dads took Suzy, Jenny, Mark and I to Sandy Hook once in the late 70s. I was there in 1981 for my 6th grade class trip. We went to Seaside and Keansburg , sometimes with Stacey and her parents. I'm pretty sure we all were at Long Branch once. I think that's where grandma and I took a bus trip to one day.

I just remembered the time that my brother wanted to go to Atlantic City for his 21st birthday. We took a bus trip down there and I only used .50 in the slot machines. I really don't like gambling. My brother seemed to have a good time.

Dad might've taken us to Asbury Park once. I have this vague recollection of not liking it there much. One day in high school my friend Trisha and I skipped classes in the afternoon and went there but we didn't stay that long. We just walked around for a bit.

Part of me would like to go to Point Pleasant. I think that there is an Aquarium on the Jenkinson's Pier . I'd feel too anxious to drive there though. The Parkway is especially scary for me.


Anonymous said...

I always loved Wildwood! We went there every year...The Jenkinsons aquarium is great too!! Did you go to UCC?

LaraAnn said...

I did go to UCC off and on for a few years but never actually finished up there or at any college for that matter. I have such vague memories of those days though so forgive me if I don't remember you. The memories of my childhood like the shore trips are much more vivid. Thanks for reading and commenting on my post.

Anonymous said...

I remember that you had the best knowledge of music of anyone I have ever met. We dated for awhile back in the 90's. I used to own a record store called the house of records in Linden. What have you been up to all these years?


LaraAnn said...

My brain was trying to think of people in college so it didn't register at first - of course I remember you. Thanks for the compliment about my music knowledge. Haven't been leading that interesting of a life. Had the anorexia problem off and on in the 90s, went to some concerts starting in the 2000s and am living at home again to help take care of mom and our doggie Buffy. I hope that you have been doing well throughout these years.

Anonymous said...

Lara, So you're in Winfield? Would you like to go for coffee/ice cream and catch up? Its been email is to exchange information/phone numbers. Hope to hear from you!


Jay Amabile said...

HAHA! Watch The Tram Car Please! My sister and I still say that til this day and they still use the same recording! Why are you scared of the Parkway? The Parkway is TAME compared to 287 and other roads in NJ ! lol

LaraAnn said...

Jay - I have driving anxiety - I'm trying to get over it but it's hard. I've only been on the Parkway twice the past 4 years. You are right though - 287 is pretty bad - I've only driven on that a few times. The turnpike really scares me, esp. North - last trip on there was to the Meadowlands in 2007. Thanks for reading my posts and leaving comments. I hope that you have a good weekend.

Ally said...

I grew up on LI and never had a reason to go to the shore until I met my husband. He introduced me to Wildwood Crest, Cape May and Point Pleasant. It is very pretty and the boardwalk is fun, etc. But in season it's horrible to visit for just the day. There is NO parking, the traffic is horrible. It sucks the joy out of it. Unless you stay at a nearby hotel, it really isn't very relaxing :(

PS I had issues driving when I lived in NJ. 287 wasn't as bad as the Parkway. I hated it! I could NOT drive to busy areas like Paramus - freaked me out totally!

LaraAnn said...

Ally - It's great that your husband took you to our beautiful and fun shore points. I agree - it's best to stay at a hotel or motel in season like we did in Wildwood. I remember some of my childhood daytrips to Keansburg, Long Brach and Seaside - even back then parking wasn't good.

I would love to go to Point Pleasant, esp the Aquarium. I've never been there. If only I could get someone to take me.

It's good to know that I'm not the only one with driving anxiety on Jersey roads. I've only been to Paramus a couple of times and was stressed out even with my boyfriend doing the driving. It's crazy up there.

I've only been to LI 4 times - once with a boyfriend for a Star Trek convention in 2000 and a few times late 2010-early 2011 to visit a boyfriend. We didn't really go anywhere that interesting though. We did visit his Dad in the Hamptons but it was winter and night time. He took us to a nice Italian restraunt there.

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