Friday, July 30, 2010

My Revenge Demon Dream

I won a contest somehow - the prize was a private Duran Duran concert in my hometown and I got to hang out with them for a few hours before it. There were about 300 other contest winners. I don't remember all the details but it was pretty cool. As if anything like this would ever happen.

I was living in my old apartment. The guys were sitting in my living room. When went into the kitchen for sodas I overheard Simon say "She's both ugly and stupid". They all laughed. I was very upset. A revenge demon sensed this and went into action. He made us fall asleep and when I woke up I was in my parent's bed with Simon and John. John had his arms around me. They were wondering what had happened but after about a minute later they forgot about this but I didn't.

We went for a walk around my small town after that. Why would I even want to be around them after what they did? We were by the field that the concert was going to be held. Suddenly an invisible force lifted John up into the air, pulled down his pants and slid him across the field that it had made muddy. He was a mess. They were freaked out and wanted to leave but when they tried doing so an invisible force field held them back. A loud, deep voice said that they could not leave until after the show.

A minute later we were teleported by this demon to my neighbour's old white car. It took control over Andy and made him drive crazily and we hit another car. Then we were teleported back to my place. Simon started spraying hairspray around the room and not because he felt like it. He was under the demon's control. Nick asked me if I was a witch who was making all these bad things happen. I said no.

More terrible things occured during the concert. During My Own Way a herd of bulls appeared in the field and started coming towards the audience. Everyone was lifted up into the air when they were closer and then the bull disappeared. But the only ones who remembered that this happened were me and the group. Same with all the other horrible occurances that night.

There were problems with the sound equipment during Notorious and Simon forgot most of the words during Hungry Like the Wolf. It started raining heavily during Hold Back the Rain then stopped right afterwards. I was still mad at them and pictured a giant zit appearing on John's chin which is exactly what happened.

A few of my former classmates were there. Lisa believed in ghosts and demons. After the rain incident she started to remember it and told me that maybe if I got them to apologize that these bad things would stop happening. I must've told her earlier about how mean they had been.

I went up to the stage and told them this. I also remembered that Roger had not laughed and might've even said "That's not funny". I thanked him for that. They apologized and the demon went away but before he did he made it seem like this concert had never happened and I was the only one who remembered it. I guess that it sent everyone back home too.

One other strange thing happened during the show. Irene Cara suddenly appeared on the stage and sang Fame. I'm so ashamed that I was thinking that it was nice being snuggled up together with John and I wished that I could have a boyfriend to do this with.

This one is from January 18,2006.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the visit!

I love Duran Duran, wish they were famous like before.

LaraAnn said...

Your welcome - I enjoy your site. Thanks for coming to mine. I wasn't into DD in the 80's but wish that I had been.

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