Friday, July 16, 2010

My Girl Scout Trip Dream

January 3, 2010

Aliens abducted me and put me in either a holodeck or recreation of an Earth setting on their planet. I was with my Girl Scout troop and we looked around 13 years old. I'm not sure what state that we were supposed to be in - maybe Florida or California. We were on a boat heading towards an island with a big aquarium on it. I saw harmless sharks and also dolphins in the ocean.

The boat started taking on water and there was damage to it somewhere. We were scared and prayed that we'd make it to the island before it sank. Luckily we made it there o'kay. Everyone got off the boat quickly but I couldn't move that fast. I wasn't feeling that good - maybe I was seasick. They didn't wait for me which was upsetting. When I did reach the enterance to this place I did not see my troop at all. How could they have gotten that far away from me?

I was mad about this but I decided not to let this spoil my enjoyment. I wasn't even scared about being abducted. There were alot of people here. Many tour groups, other Girl Scout troops and those on class trips. Each group seemed to have on matching colored jackets or shirts. I was looking for the yellow jackets of my troop and at one point thought that I had found them but it was just another group with the same colored jackets.

I was actually having fun looking at the animals especially the otters and the seals. You got to interact with some of them. I petted a baby otter and seal pup. There were also sea lions, walruses, penguins, turtles, dolphins and more. I went to a show in which some of the animals performed, including otters, dolphins and sea lions. It was nice.

Most of the exhibits were indoors. There were a few floors in this huge building. Of course on Earth no such place that I know about exists on such an island near these 2 states or any others. It still did upset me that my troop and 2 leaders didn't even notice that I was missing. Wouldn't they have made an announcement telling me to meet them in a certain area there if they had? Why should I even have cared - I was having a pretty good time on my own. Besides, they weren't real, just holograms or shapeshifters or both.I guess that a part of me was feeling lonely and wanted to share this fun time with others. Even when I was really a Girl Scout I always felt like an outsider.

I went on a submarine ride also but felt a bit claustrophobic in that. We saw fish, other sea creatures and plantlife. That lasted about 15 minutes. Afterwards I went to the souvenier shop and bought a few cute stuffed animals, beanie baby types - an otter, dolphin and seal pup. The weird thing was that on some of the tags of the animals were names of tennis players. Part of the proceeds were going towards charities that they supported. A pink seal had Safina's name and Davydenko's was on another - I forget which one.

I've always wanted to go to an aquarium. There's one in Camden but no way would I drive there . There's also a small one in Point Pleasant, I think, but even that's too far for me. Anything over 10 miles and in certain areas causes me great driving anxiety. Maybe in the afterlife I'll get to go to one. Even if I weren't afraid to drive I couldn't afford to go to one.

I wonder if I ever found my troop? Maybe they left without me. I wish that I could have a part 2 to this dream and many of my other dreams.

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