Sunday, July 11, 2010

Bon Jovi Concert - July 9, 2010

My brother and I took the train to the stadium because it was easier than driving. The rail connection from Secaucus hasn't been around for that long and I wish it had been there for many years. The drive there was always so stressful for me.

We were both upset when they made us throw our umbrellas away. The girl said to put them in my car. She seemed annoyed that I was upset about this. I never usually bring an umbrella but because we were going by train and would be there 2 hours early I wanted to have it - the forecast was 40% rain. I had a rainhat for inside. I would not have used the umbrella in there. We were so lucky that it did not rain. It had a couple of times throughout the day.

I did not buy the souvenier book this time. It was 30.00. I have paid that for such books before but I was in a bad mood because of the umbrella incident and I figured that I'd rather have that money for a book and beanie baby at the US Open. The food prices were crazy. We brought a bagged meal that we ate outside the stadium. Mark did buy the Nathan's fries for 5.00 and a soda for 4.75 a few hours later though.

We were in the very last row at the very top of that stadium. It was a bit scary, moreso for my brother because he's afraid of heights. The stairs are so narrow. I did not even want to leave my seat to go to the bathroom which I did not until we got home at 1:40 a.m. There was a nice couple from upstate NY sitting next to us. This concert was his 40th b-day gift. Bon Jovi is his favourite group.

There was a band that I don't remember the name of before the opening act of Kid Rock. I only know 2 of his songs. He did a remake of Everyday People too which I did not care for. Not really a fan of his. The girl next to me didn't even know any of his songs. He came out on stage to do Old Time Rock and Roll with Bon Jovi later. They didn't start their performance until 9:30. Usually they are on stage by 9:00 but Kid Rock was out there for like 70 minutes and the other group for about 35.

The concert was great. They always put on a good show. I'm not like one of their devoted fans but I do enjoy their music sometimes. My brother listens to them more than I do. I'm the one who got him into them 7 years ago. I've only been a fan since 2000. It's My Life is what got me into them so of course I was happy when they did this one. We didn't stand much, only during certain songs like that and Bad Medicine. My brother likes that one alot.

The sucky thing is that the 4 big screens were either not working or they forgot to put them on. There were 3 screens by the stage but at our seat height and angle these were kind of hard to see. The three girls two rows ahead of us were blocking my view often so I had to look around them. I did use my brothers awesome binoculars sometimes. Maybe I should've used them more during certain songs. The screens did come on during the very last song - what's the point by then.

Jon injured himself during the next to last song. I think that he said that he pulled his calf muscle or something like that. He was jumping around and dancing alot as he always does. My brother didn't realize that this happened and thought that he was just being a ham. You could see the pain on his face as he was singing Livin' On a Prayer.

I'm beating myself up for not putting my purse on the seat until about the 5th song. I had a small purse on my like a sash and it was getting a bit uncomfortable when I was standing. They did a few of my favs then - Born To Be My Baby, Raise Your Hands and You Give Love a Bad Name. I hate that my memory of this time is mostly that pocketbook thing.

Why did Richie sing Lay Your Hands On Me. That was disappointing. I wouldn't have cared as much if he sang one of the power ballads - he did I'll Be There For You at a couple of the concerts that I was at. Mark still thinks that it's 5 times for me and I don't even want to tell him about the other 3 because he teases me enough about them. This was his third time.

Getting out of the stadium afterwards was very chaotic and slow. We had to rush to the train. I held his hand so we wouldn't lose track of one another. I have touching anxiety but in this case I wasn't minding. We just made that train and the one at Secaucus. Dad had driven us to Linden station because I was worried that I wouldn't be able to find a parking spot. I did see 4 of them there. We said that we probably wouldn't be home until 1:00 a.m. but he was already at the station and had been there for 2 hours. He thought it might be done earlier.

At first I regretted not bringing my camera but now I'm not. I really don't want a reminder of that stadium. Not that I'd be able to get good shots of the band - they'd be like ants on the stage even with the zoom. The concert was good but I don't like that place. The old stadium was better. I'm still mad about the umbrella - 6.00 for each in the trash. They should have a check place for stuff not permitted like they do at the Billie Jean King Tennis Center. The conductor never came around on the return trip so we didn't have to pay for tickets then but we still lost money because of this.


Pam@GoRetro said...

The rules that they have at concerts are so annoying - wonder why they wouldn't allow umbrellas? Glad you enjoyed the show, anyway - my mother thinks that Job Bon Jovi is sooo cute, and she's 80 years old! LOL.

LaraAnn said...

A girl that I was talking to there said that the security to get into the Kennedy Space Center wasn't as bad as here. I'm trying to focus on the positives of that night but the negatives creep in like they often do in my brain. I think that my brother must have a man crush on JBJ- he's been going on and on about him and this concert all week. Thanks for reading and commenting on this.

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