Sunday, July 4, 2010

My Favourite Ice Cream

- Mint chocolate chip
- Maple walnut
- Haagen Dazs - Dark chocolate with peanut butter chunks
- Peach
- Chocolate chip
- Raspberry sherbert
- Strawberry yogurt
- Vanilla/chocolate swirl - soft serve
- Vanilla - when part of a root beer float or with a brownie
- Carvel ice cream cake
- Fudgesicles
- Creamsicles
- Chocolate eclairs
- Ice cream sandwiches

I usually like my ice cream in a cup and not a cone. I used to like the sugar cones sometimes though.


80sMom said...

Mint chocolate chip will ALWAYS be the best ice cream flavor! Next would be a high quality pistachio :-)

Thanks again for all your comments on my blog. Blogging is so much more fun when people participate :-)

LaraAnn said...

My brother was the first to like it but then I tried it and started liking it more than my fav at the time maple walnut. Never had pistachio. I think my mom likes that.

I have enjoyed reading your old posts. I like to leave comments -thanks for responding to them. You are so right about it being more fun when people do this.

Chelly said...

Here's another vote for mint chocolate chip. Such bliss. As a kid, it literally made me giddy with anticipation.

I also like plain chocolate and plain vanilla and my mum's favorite: mocha almond fudge! Yum.

PS: I didn't even mind Neapolitan (choc/vanilla/strawberry). Of course, we attacked the chocolate first, vanilla second and strawberry third. :)

Chelly said...

...and I also loved Fudgesicles and Chipwiches!

PS: thank you also for your comments on my blog. It's truly appreciated and so lovely to read. Cheers to you LaraAnn :)

LaraAnn said...

Chelly - I did the same with the Neapolitan which we didn't get that much. Mocha almond fudge sounds good. I never had a Chipwich but my brother likes that.

I really have had fun reading and commenting on your old posts - there are more that I'm interested in. Thanks for your comments also. Take care.

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