Saturday, April 10, 2010

TV - Again

My brother reminded me about how we used to watch the Fat Albert cartoon. I then was remembering the Christmas and Halloween specials that they had. Haven't seen those in many years. Other cartoons came to mind. I'm pretty sure that there was a Batman one. They had a weird sidekick- Batmite? We were really into Battle of the Planets. I used to talk to my Uncle about the dreams that I had about it. We watched Danger Mouse sometimes and Courageous Cat and Minute Mouse- pretty sure that's what it was called, sometimes I doubt my memory.

Mom and I liked watching Murder She Wrote and now we enjoy the novels. We watched the Golden Girls and Empty Nest sometimes too. We saw more episodes of the former in reruns years later.

Mark and I watched Batman, Get Smart, F Troop and Hogan's Heroes. He liked Hawaii Five - O and SWAT but I never really got into them. I would watch those cheesy Godzilla movies with him and Yankees games in the 80s. My first big crush was on Mattingly. Would I have been into the team if it wasn't for him? I gave up on them by 1991 though.

My boyfriend Mike got me into some sci-fi shows - Sliders, Deep Space Nine, Voyager and Babylon 5. I didn't start watching Star Trek - The Next Generation until a few years after it started but then I caught the rest in reruns. I saw Roswell all in reruns too. I didn't start watching Smallville until the third season but saw the reruns on Family Channel.

It's kind of embarrasing that my brother and I watched Hercules and Xena sometimes. I know that it shouldn't be. Mike watched Andromeda and for the first season I watched it too but then gave up on it. Mark used to tease me about Kevin Sorbo sometimes - I didn't even have a crush on the guy.

I must be a bit strange because I was never interested in watching MTV. I did watch the Thriller video back when it first premiered. Even my mother watched that. I caught clips of music videos on VH1 in the 90s on shows like The 100 Greatest Songs of The 80s. My brother bought me Duran Duran's Greatest DVD for Christmas in 2005 so I finally saw their videos then.

We used to enjoy some shows on A&E. Cold Case Files, American Justice, Investigative Reports, City Confidential, Poirot, Midsomer Murders, Dalziel and Pascoe and Biography. Now all the good stuff that used to be on that station is on Biography Channel which we can't afford.

I enjoy British shows like the 3 mysteries mentioned in the above paragraph, Inspector Morse, Miss Marple, Prime Suspect, Life On Mars, Doctor Who, Red Dwarf, Are Your Being Served, Goodnight Sweetheart, As Time Goes By, Allo Allo and All Creatures Great and Small.

I remember one Sunday night when we were kids we were trying to enjoy The Wonderful World of Disney but Grandma next-door's friend Sally was over and was talking loudly during most of it. We were so annoyed. I still hate being interrupted during my shows. My brother does this often but whenever I ask him please not to he gets annoyed and makes it seem like my shows aren't important but if we ever interrupt him during something he's watching he gets very angry.
I try not to do this because I'm a pretty considerate person. I wish that he'd do the same for us.

I loved Buffy the Vampire Slayer. I even named my cocker spaniel after her and used her friend Willow's name as her middle name. Of course, I watched Angel too. I had a bit of a crush on David Boreanaz. I now see him in Bones- no, that's not the reason that I started watching it. I gave up on it half way through the first season though and picked it up again somewhere in the second. Luckily the library has this DVD so I was able to catch what I missed. I saw the first 2 seasons of The Closer this way too.

I still remember the Channel 7 Eyewitness News team from the 80s. Kaity Tong and Ernie Anastos. Roz Abrams came later that decade. Storm Field did the weather then Sam Champion. Spencer Christian did sports. There was Mr Food, Roger Grimsby, Bill Beutel and Joel Seigel.

Sometimes on PBS we would see Jack Horkheimer- Star Hustler. I definitely remember it from around the time of Haley's Comet. Was that 85 or 86? I looked him up on You Tube- he's the Star Gazer now. It was funny watching some of these old clips.

My favourite show now is Supernatural. I used to like Heroes alot but not as much after the first season. I didn't see it from the beginning and caught half of the episodes in reruns. My favourite character is Hiro who can teleport through time and space, an ability I'd love to have. I like Peter too and not only because he is pretty cute.

We used to love watching the winter olympics from 1980 - 1992. I enjoyed the figure skating, bobsled, luge and skiing. We saw Brian Boitano, Katerina Witt and others at a show at MSG in the early 90's. We probably were watching the 1976 olympics also but I only remember liking Dorothy Hamill and getting a haircut like hers a few times. I definitely watched the 1984 summer olympics in LA. I enjoyed the swimming and diving events.

I have a few other things on my mind about this subject but I've said enough for today plus this is my brother's computer and he seems annoyed that I've been on it for so long. Wish that I could afford one of my own.


Sheena said...

You are correct about minute mouse, although some may confuse him with mighty mouse in name only.

I loved most of those shows as well. I was a huge fan of Roswell, I watched the first season, then missed the next but caught it later. I was so mad when it was canceled.

LaraAnn said...

We did watch Mighty Mouse too. Was Heckle and Jeckle a part of this? Thanks for clarifying the minute mouse thing.

Theresa H. Hall said...

I love British sitcoms and Mystery or Masterpiece. I watch them all of the time. I part of me is British and one day I hope to live in or near London.

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