Monday, April 5, 2010

More Toys and Games

Is it childish for me to still have stuffed animals on my bed and shelves? Maybe, but I don't care. Only two of them are from my childhood- Benji and my Pound Puppy Chip. I was thinking about how my mother waited hours in line for our Cabbage Patch Kids like in 1983 and feeling kind of bad that I got rid of them. They weren't even that cute but I guess at the time I was into them. We still have a couple of them. My brother and I have three sizes of Raggedy Ann and Andy dolls from the 70s. I think that we have our Winnie the Poohs from then too. I have my Miss Piggy and Kermit dolls from the early 80s.

My brother had a Fonzie figure- he might still have it. He had He-Man figures, dinosaurs, some Legos, a Big Wheel, Lincoln Logs, Mr T, Inspector Gadget, The Pink Panther stuffed animal, Little Van Go which is like Fashion Plates with vans, The Lone Ranger wagon and horse, a wagon, about 6 Smurf figures which were just knick- knacks and the Emergency helmet and bullhorn- he was a fireman and I was an angel one Halloween.

We liked playing with the walkie-talkies that our Uncle Al got us. I think they were from Radio Shack. We didn't have that many Viewmaster slides. Mark had Star Trek and I had Sleeping Beauty. Huckleberry Hound and Disneyworld were both of ours. We had The Rescuers lunchboxes also. I remember how we liked drawing on the sidewalk with chalk.

My cousin Mary accidentally pulled of the arm of one of my Barbies one Thanksgiving at grandmas house at the farm. I have these Barbies- 2 Malibus, Superstar and Ballerina. I have a fake Barbie too. I think that her name is Charlene. She has red hair like me. I had the camper which I liked alot.

Other games that we have - Yahtzee, Boggle, Uno and Uncle Wiggly. The latter isn't the one that we had in the 70s though. We were stupid and got rid of that. Mom bought us a new one in the early 90s but it's not the same - the old one was much nicer. Mark liked those puzzle games- Rubick's Cube, The Pyramid and The Missing Link. I was never any good at them. I was jealous of Jenny because she had Speak and Spell and also of Michelle who had Quiz Wiz. We had Pictionary but we didn't play that much. Same with Upwords which is like Scrabble.

I had so much fun doing Mad Libs. I saw these in AC Moore one day last year. Whenever I see stickers I also have good memories of trading them with my friend. I still have my sticker books. A few years ago I was looking at them. Some of the smelly ones actually still have a bit of a smell to them which I was suprised. There's 2 Magnum PI stickers in it also - I was laughing as I recalled the crush that I had on Tom Selleck.

Dad had 3 Beatles figures that we weren't really supposed to play with but sometimes did. Why didn't he have all 4 of them? Back then we really didn't know anything about them so I couldn't tell you which was the missing one. He had a few Hess trucks that we played with too and a Goodyear Blimp but we didn't really touch that.

My cousin Mary had a Slinky. They were made nice back then, not the cheap plastic stuff. My brother was playing with it and he broke it so we had to buy a new one for her. The three of us had these games that I can't remember the name of - you fill them with water. Mine had a dolphin in it and you had to press a button to get the rings on it's nose.

I didn't have a Holly Hobbie doll. I had her friend Amy. I liked playing with my Colorforms. Mark and I enjoyed playing Lawn Darts. I had a couple of those Smurfs too. Thinking about all these toys and games makes me wish that I could be a kid again- like somehow my spirit could go into my younger self but I'd only be observing. That's the sci-fi geek in my talking.

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