Friday, April 9, 2010

Bon Jovi Dream

I don't feel like being in reality today because I'm depressed about all the medical bills that I have to pay so I'm going to return to one of my dreams from February 5 of this year.

I won a contest - 2 tickets to a private Bon Jovi concert. Mom came with me because Mark was very sick. This was yet another alien abduction dream. This event was taking place on one of those big, nice buses which was very strange and they performed when we were on the road. I drove to the Meadowlands and saw the old stadium being torn down. It was the beginning of May. Mom was feeling cold and had her winter coat and hat on even though the temp was 62. There were about 50 other people on this bus. The seats were very comfortable. There was space in front for the band.

I saw a cute doggie- a border collie mix and about 10 seconds later my Mookie who has been dead for 5 years appeared on my lap. Obviously the aliens were reading my thoughts and memories. I was happy to see her. I was mad that they made my glasses disappear during a few of the songs. My eyesight is terrible. There was alot of talking going on between the band and the audience between songs. Not sure which road we were on; it might've been Rt 3 but it looked different- mountains, some of them snow covered, were here. Not much development either. Lots of countryside.

At one point Richie sat next to me. I was feeling kind of sleepy and dozed off for a bit. My head was on his arm. He was wearing a nice black leather jacket. Somehow my hand got caught on this when he was trying to get up. He left a flashlight on the seat right next to me. I was wearing a short sleeve shirt and sweatjacket.

They took a few requests. The actual music part of the dream is kind of fuzzy, unfortunately. There were a few from the new album. But I've only ever heard one in real life so I guess the others were in my imagination. Jon liked my eyeglasses and asked where I got them. He had his sunglasses on even though it was night but only for a little while. I was kind of annoyed that they hadn't performed that many songs and we had already been on this bus trip for 2 hours.

Jon asked us if we wanted to stop at a rest stop for something to eat- his treat. We all said yes. When we got out of the bus I told mom to stick close to me. We had to leave the 2 doggies on the bus. Mookie had been sitting on Mom's lap for most of the time. Only about a minute later Mom had wandered off and I couldn't find her. Where could she have gone that quickly? I thought that I had found her but it was only another lady with a similar coat. I was very worried even though she was just a hologram or shape shifting alien like everybody else.

There were alot of people at this rest stop. Another lady from our bus said that she would help me look for my mother when she saw how upset that I was. Luckily we found her a few minutes later. I got ice cream at the restraunt. We got back on the bus afterwards and headed back to the Meadowlands. The band performed some more songs and there were additional conversations.

It was daylight when we returned there which was odd because it had been around 8:00 pm when we had started this unusual trip. The total number of songs that they performed was 15 or 16. During one of the power ballads Jon was close to me and looked at me for a bit. I wondered why he did that. When we got to the parking lot he said "Let's do some more". The audience was excited and we went on a different road this time for about an hour and they did 5 more songs.

What a long trip/concert this was, like 5 and a half hours. I did have a good time and felt relaxed. I wasn't even freaked out about being abducted. Nobody seemed annoyed that they didn't do more songs in that long period of time. I wondered if I was on a holodeck on the alien ship or on their planet made to look like Earth as I always do in these abduction dreams. They seem to like taking me alot.

Seeing that report about Giants Stadium being torn down on the news and thinking about the 3 Bon Jovi concerts that I've been to there must've been the reason why they were in my night time thoughts. In reality most of the stadium will probably be torn down by early May but in this alien reality it was only half done.

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