Thursday, April 1, 2010

Even More TV

I was thinking about the shows that my parents, brother and I used to watch together sometimes. Hee-Haw, The Mandrell Sisters, Sonny and Cher, the Bob Hope specials, The Dating Game, The Gong Show, The Newlywed Game, Match Game, Let's Make A Deal, Bowling For Dollars, professional bowling, The Carol Burnett Show and Lifestyles of The Rich and Famous- my grandma would be with us sometimes during that one and her and Dad would complain about the stars. My brother and I watched Entertainment Tonight during the 80s. Don't really like those type shows anymore.

Mom and I liked Murder She Wrote, Hart to Hart and Benson. Sometimes I'd watch Soap with her. Our babysitter Donna liked Starsky and Hutch and Chips. Mark and I definitely liked the latter. We saw Erik Estrada at one of those autograph signing shows. I sometimes watched The Twilight Zone with him. They always had marathons of that during certain holidays.

There were shows that we didn't watch regularly, just sometimes. What's Happening, Alice, Charlie's Angels, Wonder Woman, The Six Million Dollar Man, Vegas, Laverne and Shirley, Dance Fever and Solid Gold. I think that we saw some of Battle of The Network Stars. We liked Barney Miller. We watched that one more often than these. I don't think it was all the time.

Mom told me that we used to watch Captain Kangaroo but I don't really remember that. We watched The Electric Company but only really remember the Letter Man part of it. There was The Magic Garden also and The Land of The Lost. We loved The Muppet Show. I have this vague memory of a cartoon- I think it was called Fonzie and the Happy Days Gang. I just remembered Flash Gordon the other day when Mark was talking about that cheesy movie. I can hear the I'm Just a Bill song from Schoolhouse Rock playing in my head now.

NBC had something that taught life lessons between cartoons on Saturday mornings. I think that it was called And That's One To Grow On. Stars of that Network like Michael J. Fox and Mr T. were in them.

I don't think that we ever watched these shows in first run but just in reruns sometimes- The Odd Couple, The Bob Newhart Show and Mary Tyler Moore. We watched Police Squad - I think that there were only like 6 or 7 episodes. I watched It's A Living, Bosom Buddies, Murphy Brown and sometimes Kate and Allie.

Some why did we watch that shows- Hotel, Head of the Class, Too Close For Comfort, Charles In Charge, Saved By The Bell, Home Improvement and Roseanne. I guess at the time they were okay. I could say this about some of the other shows that I mentioned in this post and my previous TV ones too, I suppose.

There was a show called In Search Of hosted by Leonard Nimoy. I remember the Big Foot, UFOs and The Loch Ness Monster episodes especially. In the NY/NJ are ABC had Day of Disaster hosted by Joel Seigel. The Hindenburg and this bridge that was shaking and fell down are what I mostly remember about that.We liked This Old House- the Bob Vila years too.

We did watch soap operas. All My Children in the 80s and mid 90s when Sarah Michelle Gellar was on it. We saw some of the stars outside the studio in the mid- 80s. Michael E. Knight, Julia Barr, the ones who played Myra, Sloane, Cliff and Travis. I'm pretty sure that the one who plays Sonny on General Hospital was Nicco on here and we saw him too. We also watched One Life to Live in the mid 80s- early 90s and General Hospital in the early and mid 90s or whenever Ricky Martin and the Ned and Lois storyline was in this.

We didn't watch that many mini-series. The Winds of War, War and Remembrance, Celebrity, V, V- The Final Battle and I saw the Thornbirds but not until 1989. I just remembered that there was V - The Series that we watched, not sure if it was all the time.

It sure seems as if we watched alot of television when we were kids. I'm sure there were more sometimes shows but none come to mind now and even if they did I've said more than enough in this post. Much less TV in the 90s- Northern Exposure, The X Files, Buffy The Vampire Slayer and Sliders. Other Sci-fi favs- Star Trek- The Next Generation, Voyager and Quantum Leap. More on that another time. Time for my coffee break now.

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