Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Reading used to be so much fun

I have not been able to truly enjoy reading for a long time - it just seems like a major effort for me. I have the following problems- inability to visualize things that are being described, remembering what I've read, losing track of which character is speaking and also understanding some of what I've read. It is very frustrating especially because I used to be such an avid reader. I could finish a book quickly in those days too. Now I have to read some parts over again and still have the problems that I mentioned.

It took me 6 months to get through a Murder She Wrote book that normally would take me only a couple of days. That was 6 years ago- I got so frustrated that I just gave up reading novels entirely. Even getting through newspaper and magazine articles is difficult. Last December I decided to give reading books another try and found that I was able to finish one in about 3 days and didn't beat myself up too much about the problems that I have. It was another Murder She Wrote novel. I managed to catch up on those within two months. I think there was about 1o of them.

I am on the Jonathan Kellerman books now and just started Evidence. Another thing that makes it hard for me to read is the fact that my rude brother interrupts me alot and seems to get annoyed when I try asking him not to do so. He needs quiet when he reads too but can't seem to show the same consideration for me. Even when I'm in my room he yells up to me or is talking loudly to mom or has his music on loud.

I love my mystery novels and have so many to read. I left off with P in the Sue Grafton series. I don't even remember the last ones that I read by Mary Higgins Clark and others. I didn't see I, Cross by James Patterson in the library and hope that it's there soon.

My aunt suggested that I try MC Beaton- I think that's the name. In the past I've read authors that she mentioned and enjoyed them- Martha Grimes, Elizabeth George and PD James. My grandmother got me into Agatha Christie. I got my mom into these authors and Kellerman and Patterson.

I just wish that I could love reading like I used to. I have such great memories of all the books that I've read, especially ones from my childhood like the Little House on the Prarie series and Bobbsey Twins.

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