Friday, July 1, 2011

Patriotic Pooch

I was going to add this better, closer up photo of Mookie yesterday but decided against it because of Mom's foot being in it but today I figured why not do so since Mookie looks so darn cute in it. Another 4th of July memory came to mind also that wasn't a very happy one. My dad was mad at my brother for spending alot of money on fireworks down in either Virginia or Maryland and my mom left the car and started walking and when we did get her to come back my parents didn't talk during the entire ride back to Jersey. That was in 1986. I'm pretty sure that was the same year that our neighbor called the police when Mark was setting off the fireworks and he got in trouble for having them. He was so annoyed about that. We had sparklers and little tanks but I don't remember which other kinds that he got. I was kind of scared of all of these though. I didn't want anyone getting injured.

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