Monday, July 18, 2011

My 4th Grade Camping Trip

Our fourth grade trip was to Camp Hoover in Northern New Jersey in 1979. That's the same place that we went to for our Girl Scout camping adventures. Mom kept all the papers that had information like directions to the camp, our daily activities and what to bring.I put these in my scrapbook many years ago. Mom took my picture with both my teachers, Miss Kiernan and Mrs. Davies. I had fun canoeing and doing a charchol drawing. I have a few other photos of some classmates and I that I was kind of embarrassed about putting on here - maybe I should've anyhow. We took about a mile walk to the general store and got penny candies. I'm pretty sure that one night some of the boys were looking into the girl's cabin. I haven't read that list of activities since the late 80's - now I'm curious as to what else we did so later I'll check this out.

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