Wednesday, July 13, 2011

My Girl Scout Camping Stuff

I was reorganizing stuff in my basement and in the totes down there and seeing these things brought back the memories of my Girl Scout camping days. I was in the Scouts for about 6 years - 1977- 1982. I really preferred it when we would stay in cabins instead of the tents. Camp Hoover in north New Jersey was the one that we went to. Our 4th grade trip was also there. I am pretty sure that we went to one called Camp Kettle Run which I think is in south Jersey once. We stayed at a couple of camps during our trip to Virginia in 1982 and one outside of Washington D.C. in 1981. I loved my Tupperware bowl/plate and the mug with the coaster/top. The 3 utensils held together as one are neat.I found a pair of undies in the blue bag that must've been in there since the early 80's because I haven't used that bag since then. Maybe that's too much information and I shouldn't have included them in the picture - they did look clean!


C. JoyBell C. said...

Hey Lara!

I wonder why you couldn't visit my blog?? Why, what did the pop-ups say?? Why couldn't you visit me?? I'm a little worried about that..

I didn't realize that you have dreamed of writing books! Thank you for sharing that secret dream with me! :) I hope that you fulfill that dream one day! :) Or your other dreams! I hope that you fulfill your other dreams, too! Whichever comes first! :)

I think that the yellow cup with the "Lara" written on it is just too cute! Are you kidding me? That's adorable! :)

I myself was never a girl scout... I moved around too much, too much to ever do something constructive like being a girl scout! :)


LaraAnn said...

Hello joybell-
Sorry that I didn't get back to you sooner. I've had less computer time lately. I'm trying to remember that message - I think it might've said blog has been removed or that you need an invitation to view this, the latter might've been on another blog that I haven't been able to get to. I'm just glad that I haven't had a problem with yours lately. I have so much catching up to do on your posts though. It might take some time but I'll gradually do so.

Thanks for your comment on this post. I'm glad that you like my cup. Mom actually used a special type of tube paint called Tri-Chem to write my name on this. Mom was the one that talked me into getting into the Girl Scouts. I was a shy girl and even in this group sometimes felt like an outsider but I am glad that I was a part of it.

I appreciate your kind words about fulfilling my dreams of writing and others too. Sometimes it feels like I will never be able to do this but having your support and reading your posts definitely keep that hope that I can acheive this alive, although at times it seems like I'll never get there. Best of luck with your next writing project too - I'm sure that it will be a success. I hope that you have been doing well lately and that your weekend will be a wonderful one.

Take care,

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