Friday, July 8, 2011

6th Grade - 1980 - 1981

The photo at the very bottom is of my 6th grade class. The one above that is 5th grade. For class photos we usually got to dress up. I'm not sure why they made us wear our uniforms that year. I went to St. John the Apostle school for 9 years. I have some good memories of that place. It was much better than the Catholic high school that I went to. I was thinking about 6th grade as I was watching the very last launch of the space shuttle today because that's when I saw the first one. Our history teacher Miss Mead had it on in her classroom. The top photo is of the hankie that I painted an apple on during Apple Day in her class. I forget what other crafts that we did but I'm pretty sure that we made shrunken heads out of apples too. Our class trip was to Sandy Hook for that grade. I'll be doing a post on that in the future.


Chelly said...

the first shuttle launch was very special indeed. We watched it in our class too.

Are you on the bottom row of that pic? I'm trying to figure out which one is you?

LaraAnn said...

I am the one in the middle on the bottom row in the 6th grade photo and in the 5th grade one above it I'm also on the bottom row in one of my favourite dresses.It's a shade of pink but I'm not sure of the exact name for it. I realized later in the day that I forgot to mention where I am in these photos. It's a little hard to see because whenever I scan photos the quality and size of them change. And they also get even smaller when I send them here.

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