Monday, July 11, 2011

My K-tel Albums

I had the K-tel album Wings of Sound which I got as a gift in 1980. I played it on my record player alot. I remember some of the songs on it - Rock With You - Michael Jackson, This Is It - Kenny Loggins, Escape (The Pina Colada Song) and Gold. I should've kept it despite the fact that it started skipping eventually. I got these 3 albums and the 2 tapes in the late 80's and early 90's at flea markets and a record exchange store. I actually had the Soundwaves one on an 8 Track that my friend got me for Christmas in 1980 or 1981. I like these and a few other songs on it - Upside Down - Diana Ross, Steal Away - Robbie Dupree and Let Me Love You Tonight - Pure Prarie League.

I went to the Wikipedia site to find out some info on this company. Their first album was 25 Great Country Artists Sing Their Original Hits in 1966. They were started in Winnepeg, Manitoba and then in the U.S. in Plymouth, MN and also in the UK and Germany. In 1984 the US division filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection. They had compilation series such as Super Hits, The Number One Hits and Dynamic Hits. I can't help laughing at the titles of some of their albums. One called Power Hits had a Carpenters song Yesterday Once More on it. I used to like that song. Summer Crusin' had 1950s music.

My favourite songs on Hit Express are Do You Believe in Love - Huey Lewis and the News and Don't You Want Me - Human League ; from Blast Off - Hurts So Good - John Cougar. I used to like more of the songs on each of these albums and tapes but I guess I kind of lost interest in them after a while. I'd love to see which other albums that this company had. A disco one called Night Moves from 1979 was mentioned. Maybe I can look into that somewhere on the internet.


Chelly said...

I remember those K-tel ads on TV! They were lots of fun for kids. Although as you said, some of the album titles were pretty funny in retrospect. :) The ads were long and colorful (eye-catching) too. I always wanted one - a sucker for advertising at an early age. :)

LaraAnn said...

I wish that I could remember the commercials - they sound cool. I just remembered another album that I had - Love Is.. Key Largo was one of the songs on it.

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