Wednesday, May 11, 2011

My Screw Ups 2

Either mom or my Aunt Al got me this magnet in the early 80's. I have had it in my keepsake tote since the early 90's and a few months ago I decided to take it out to photograph it only when I was putting it back in the plastic bag I wound up tearing off the ear and part of the hat. If it had been in a bigger ziploc bag this might not have happened. I was very upset about this and wished that I had just kept it in the bag like I originally planned on even though the photo wouldn't have been as good. I was trying to be very careful but of course things always seem to go wrong for me anyhow. I used scotch tape to try to repair the damage but didn't line the pieces up right so it doesn't look that great. The material is like a thin styrofoam so I can't redo this without further messing it up. Maybe I should've tried repairing it a different way, I'm not sure how though. I know, what's done is done but I still am sad that this cute magnet that I've had for so many years got ruined. Also in the top before picture is the 2 punch embroidery projects that I did in the late 80's.

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