Monday, May 16, 2011

Made In the USA

I couldn't believe it when I actually found a made in the USA label on one of my sweaters. I was happy to see this, not much seems to be made over here anymore and I don't think that I have that many things that are presently. Ever since I watched that series on the World News on ABC I have been looking even more to find anything that I have that is made in America. I do have a bundt pan but I'm not sure if it is a Nordicware one which is an American brand. I'll have to get it out of the storage tote in the basement. It's been many years since I've used it.


Pam@GoRetro said...

Yay! I love hearing about other people who found and are buying Made in the USA products. I bought a pair of jeans in Macy's that I got for $28 after discounts, coupons etc. that are made in USA and my mother bought a garden hose. Although some people poo-poo the idea, it *does* help create or retain a job for an American worker. There are now news reports saying that made in American is going to make a comeback - double yay!

Also, I love the sweater set you got. What is the label on it, and where did you find it?

LaraAnn said...

That's a good buy on those jeans, even cheaper than the lei brand that I usually get.My price range can only be under 40.00 for jeans. I remember when I first heard that Levis were no longer going to be made over here and being really upset about this. It was good to hear on the ABC news that products are being made in the USA again and it would be great to see more and more of this.

I looked at the label on the sweater and it says Knits Landing. I couldn't help but have the theme from Knot's Landing playing in my head. It is so nicely made and comfortable. I'm pleased that you like it too. I wish that I could remember where I got it. My memory is usually good when it comes to stuff like this. It might have been Mandees, JC Penneys or Sears. I don't think that it was Kohls or Macy's, the 2 other places that I used to shop alot at too.

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