Sunday, August 8, 2010

Northern Exposure

This was one of my favourite shows from the 90's. My mother saw some episodes and liked it too. I had a little bit of a crush on Rob Morrow and John Corbett. I would debate in my head who did I like more - the latter would often win out. I had a John Corbett poster that was only on my wall for a couple of months. I had a calendar one year that I cut some of the pictures out of for my scrapbook but eventually I threw them away. My brother got me the mug and I got a street sign - Cicely Alaska. Sometimes I wished that the characters and place were real and that I could take a trip there.

I also have some 8x10 photos of this show still in my scrapbook. This is one of them. I have the book which has an episode guide but only of the first 3 seasons. I didn't care for the last season that much because Rob Morrow was not in it. I saw some reruns of it on A&E when they still had good shows on that channel.

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