Monday, August 9, 2010

Florida 1983 - part 2

My mom put some of the sand from Panama City Beach in a glass Durkee spice jar so this and the postcard are our souveniers from there. I'm pretty sure that the alligators postcard is from Gatorland Zoo or maybe I got it elsewhere in Florida. We also visited my mom's Aunt Fran. I'll have to ask her if she's on her mom or dad's side of the family. My dad took a picture of a gator that was in their back yard that didn't come out that great. I probably should've posted it anyway. I don't remember if this was also in Panama City or in a town nearby. I cut out a small picture of the glass bottom boat at Silver Springs from a magazine - I wish that I had bought a postcard there too. I should have turned it around so it faces the same way as the postcards.

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