Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Childhood Friends

These photos are from around 1980. The top one is Michelle S on the right and Michelle H on the left. We had alot of Michelles in our class. Maybe some of their parents were Beatles fans. This was taken on the playground at our school - St. John the Apostle. I was friends with Michelle S for only about a year and a half. She started hanging out with the more popular girls. I was like the class nerd, I suppose. Michelle H left our school by 7th grade and we didn't really keep in touch afterwards which I regret.

I remember the birthday party/sleepover at Michelle H's house, her love of Grover - she had a Super Grover stuffed animal, and the time she accidentally dropped a meatball with sauce on my white shirt at a Girl Scout cover dish supper. Michelle S had a sleepover too but I didn't go to it and regret this. I was afraid to because the popular girls who picked on me sometimes would be there. I told her that I was sick. Soon afterwards we were no longer friends. I think that she was upset with me one day when she was looking at this School Days book that I had and she didn't see her name on the friends list. I told her that I was sorry and just forgot to write hers but I'm sure she was still upset about this.

The bottom photo is of me with Kim and my brother Mark. Kim was in my brother's class, which was 2 years behind me. We are playing with his Matchbox and Hot Wheels cars. I considered her my best friend back then. We loved playing with stuffed animals. Sometimes we'd pretend that her house was California and ours Florida.
This friendship ended badly. My dad is partly to blame. He was mad at her parents because they weren't taking us to school as much as my parents took her. There was a big arguement and shortly after this Kim and I didn't hang out together anymore. That was sometime in 1982.
Another factor was that she was hanging out with a couple of the popular girls in her class more. Maybe she didn't think that I was cool enough and perhaps those girls wondered why she'd want to hang out with a nerd like me. I'm not trying to do the mind reading thing, just supposing what might've happened. I 've never really been able to feel that close to anyone after that. I know, get over it - this is still pretty upsetting though.


Chelly said...

It's tough figuring out certain friendships when you're a kid. I had a couple of girls do that to me as well, and it was the best thing to have happened. When kids who aren't worth it, leave your circle of friends, it gives you a chance to figure out who you are and what you want in a friend. The right people come into your circle eventually.

They missed out on your friendship.

LaraAnn said...

Sorry that the same thing happened to you but glad that things worked out well. Your kind words have made me feel a little better about myself. I have been slowly overcoming some of my anxieties so maybe there's hope for me to have friends again

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