Saturday, August 7, 2010

Florida 1983

After Disneyworld and EPCOT Center we went to a few other places in Florida. Gatorland Zoo was interesting. I wish that Dad had taken pictures there. We were on a glass bottom boat in Silver Springs and saw wildlife at that nice place. We visited Aunt Jo, Uncle Rich and cousins Randy, Richard and Jay in Panama City Beach. This is the first time my brother and I ever met them. Aunt Jo is my mom's older sister. The white sand beach was beautiful. I almost stepped on a crab there though.

We drove through Tennessee on the way home. We went to the Forbidden Caverns there. We also drove on the Skyline Drive in Virginia. I really liked that. We ate at a restraunt in the mountains. I'm glad that the photo of the deer came out - so cute.

We stayed at the same motel near Disneyworld that we had been at in 1976. They were turning it into a time share place and tried talking us into this. In the picture by the pool I am wearing the EPCOT t-shirt that I regretted getting rid of. Mom, Mark and I were disappointed that Dad didn't take us to the Kennedy Space Center during this trip but it was a pretty good vacation.


Darrin.. said...

I love Florida vacations! Such great touristy stuff to do!! Nice retro pics!

LaraAnn said...

Some of my best memories are of our 2 trips to Florida. I'm happy that you enjoyed seeing my photos.

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