Sunday, August 15, 2010

EastEnders/My VCR Screw-up

My brother and I have been watching this British soap opera off and on since the mid 80s. I do regret giving up on it a few times. I didn't see it when I was living with my aunt for a year and in Pittsburgh for a few months either. It was on a PBS station at midnight and I probably could've tried figuring out how to use my aunt's VCR . It was foolish not to do so.

The episodes here are so far behind, like 7 years. It wasn't always this way. In the beginning it was only 3 - 6 months. They increased the amount of episodes each week over there - I'm pretty sure it went from 2 to 3 then 4. That's only part of the reason it fell behind. PBS pledging and the fact that it went off the one PBS station and wasn't picked up by another for a while.

I would be watching my tape of it right now. It used to be on at 10:oo pm but then it went to midnight which is too late for me to stay up for so I tape it. I put the tape on at 8:30 this morning only to find shows from other stations on it. Unfortunately my VCR capabilities aren't what they used to be before our stupid cable company made it so you had to get the digital converter box. I can no longer tape one thing while watching another so if I forget to change the channel it will tape what's on that. We can't afford DVR so I'm stuck with this system. I am usually very careful to check that the right channel is on. It's unforgivable that I screwed up not just one week but 2 weeks in a row.

I don't even see much of a difference between the picture quality of digital and the way that it used to be - is that called analog. I can't do the multiple channel tapings either. I used to be so good at taping stuff which is what makes my many screw ups of the past few years even more upsetting. I can't remember how long ago we had to get that darn box. Without it we'd only be getting the basic channels. The rip off cable company first made it so you'd need the box for certain cable channels then kept increasing the amount of those channels until finally you need it for all. I could go on and on about this subject but wasn't this post supposed to be mainly about my show?

I have screwed up taping it in the past, like by setting up the wrong times or days like with other shows. I really hate missing any of it especially when there's a storyline that we are really interested in on. The death of the kind of cute Jamie got cut off because I didn't set it for the right ending time. I got to see part of it on You Tube. We like the Kat and Alfie storyline. My brother thinks that I have a crush on Alfie but I don't. Just because he thinks that Kat is hot doesn't mean that I like any of the guys on there. There have been a few kind of cute ones.

I have some books about the show and was also in a fan club based out of NYC for a few years. I would get the Walford Gazette fan newspaper 4 times a year. It wasn't in the budget anymore but I wish that it could've been. I really don't watch American soaps anymore. I used to in the late 70s, the 80s and a couple of different times in the 90s. ABC ones - All My Children, One Life to Live, Ryans Hope and General Hospital - just in the 90s for the latter. I just can't get into the American soaps anymore, not even when James Franco was on GH. I did try watching it again mainly because of him. We do enjoy EastEnders. I just hope that I don't mess up the taping of it again next week.


Darrin.. said...

Eastenders Rocks! I know it's a soap, but I refer to it as "Gritty Drama". I think we're about 5 years behind here... maybe 6. Sometimes I get a look at a calendar in the background and can tell what year it is. I DVR it, but lately we've only been getting a couple episodes maybe once a month. (Must be pledge drive time?) Right now.. Kat and Alfie got close to being happy until Alfie put his foot in his mouth and blew it all to heck. Oh.. and Anthony just left the show to "find himself". Also.. Janine is really screwing with Barry's head!! I hope they start showing the episodes more regularly soon!

LaraAnn said...

We are at about the same storyline time period. I was at the official site and also on Wikipedia so I know what will be happening for some of the storylines. There aren't that many of the characters that we see now left. It would be nice if they did show it more often. During plegetime the lady is always saying how expensive it is to get this show. I just have this bad feeling that it won't be on for much longer because of this.

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