Tuesday, May 18, 2010

My Childhood Pin Collection

- TWA - My family and I took a tour of Newark Airport and a TWA plane in the late 70's.
- 2 Camp Hoover pins - I went there as a Girl Scout and as a 4th grade trip.
- Pope John Paul II - I got this at school in '79 or '80 - St. John The Apostle.
- Braces - had them for 2 years 1981 - 1983.
- Pluto - Why did I put blue ink marks on this one?
- Raccoon - I used to collect raccoon stuff.
- The Fonz - this is actually a charm from a necklace
- turtle - from the museum in Trenton.
- Mickey Mouse - I loved watching The Wonderful World of Disney and Disney films.
- I also have my 2 friendship pins from Suzy but I forgot to include these.


Chelly said...

Nice post. I had a brief pin collection as a kid but I can't remember what happened to them. I still have my sticker album though.

PS: you had a Fonzie necklace! I had a Fonzie purse :)

LaraAnn said...

Thanks. I had some others but unfortunately got rid of them. I also still have both my sticker books. Fonzie was on a purse - that I'd like to see.

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