Thursday, May 13, 2010

Commercials part 3

Celebrities and other icons

- 7-Up - Never had it, never will (caffine) Not sure of the actor's name but he was in the Bond film Live and Let Die. I actually saw him in person at a ChillerTheatre show once.
- Miller Lite - Tastes great v. Less filling. I mentioned this before but left out some of the stars that my brother reminded me of - John Madden and Dick Butkus. I mispelled Bob Uecker's name too. Our favourite one is "It's the creature" when Rodney Dangerfield comes out of the woods and everyone is around the campfire. Billy Martin and Bubba Smith too.
- Mastercard International - So worldly, so welcome - Pierce Brosnan
- Dry Idea - Never let them see you sweat. Robert Woods from the soap opera One Life to Live.
-Carvel - Tom Carvel. Fudgie the Whale, Cookie Puss, Cookie O' Puss, Tom Turkey, Wicky the Witch.
-9 Lives cat food - Morris. I had a T- shirt with him on it in the mid 70's.
- Reggie Jackson - Reggie-vision - Panasonic. I remember his candy bar too.
- Woodsey the Owl - Give a hoot, don't pollute.
- Smokey the Bear - Only you can prevent forest fires.
- McGruff the crime prevention dog - Take a bite out of crime.
- Aamco car care center - James Brolin. Double A - beep, beep - MCO
- Australian tourism ad - Paul Hogan(Crocodile Dundee) "We'll put another shrimp on the barbee for you."
- The claymation California raisins
- Quaker Oats - Wilford Brimley - "It's the right thing to do"
- Snuggle bear - I heard that Shari Lewis (Lambchop) used to do the voice.
- Orville Reddenbacher and his grandson in the popcorn ads
- Starkist - Charlie Tuna - "Sorry, Charlie"


Blast from the Past said...

So enjoy reading these, LaraAnn. Makes me remember all those fun old commercials. Thanks for doing these.

One of my favorite commercials is one that doesn't have a celebrity in it... it's the one that has the Indian crying when the garbage is thrown out the window of the car.

I always was a softee for the old "don't pollute" commercials.

LaraAnn said...

After I was done with this post I remembered the crying Indian one. I definitely liked that and was watching it on You Tube a little later. I'm glad that you enjoyed reading this.

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