Saturday, May 15, 2010

E.T. kind of scared me

I forgot to include some of the other movies that I was lucky enough to see for free when I was a kid thanks to my Aunt Dorothy and Uncle Al working in the theater in my previous post on this topic. There was the cheestastic Clash of the Titans, Ghostbusters, Escape From Witch Mountain, Return to Witch Mountain and E. T.

I remember that E. T. was really scary looking to me and thinking that if I ever encountered an alien such as this that I would be so freaked out. I did like the movie though and felt sorry for him when he got captured and also sympathized with him for missing his fellow aliens.

Mom also enjoyed this movie. We still have the VHS tape of it. It's not one that we'd get on DVD. We can't afford to replace many of the tapes. Aunt Al made her a ceramic E.T. but in the mid 90's we sold it at a flea market. I think that I might've had some of the trading cards.

I'm having this craving for Reese's Pieces right now. Haven't had those in many years. Is my memory that they originally wanted to use M&M's in this movie correct?


joe said...

While it's true that I didn't care for ET, that movie turned me on to Reese's Pieces.

... um, on a totally different note, my anti-spam word for this comment is "sperms".... I'm not making this up..

Pam@GoRetro said...

E.T.'s looks scared me, too...yet that didn't stop me from getting my mother to buy me a stuffed animal version of him! I guess he was so ugly he was cute.

LaraAnn said...

Pam - You just reminded me that my cousin Mary had that stuffed animal too.

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