Monday, May 17, 2010

A Mid-70's memory

This is one of my earliest memories from the 70's. Our Chevy got crashed into and hit a telephone poll in front of our Aunt Helen's house. My brother and I were outside playing when it happened. Our parents made us go inside. I didn't have time to get my toys. I was pretty upset about that and the car. A guy was coming out of a nearby bar and the driver wasn't able to avoid hitting him and he died.
We got a new car a few weeks later. A Chevy Malibu wagon. I was hoping that Dad would get the one that had the window that you could roll down in the hatchback like a friend of the family had but he didn't. I did like our station wagon though- good memories of vacation drives in it.
The picture above the car crash one is of our basement and my stuffed animal friends.


Blast from the Past said...

Love the pic of the basement. It looks just like the basement at my folks' place. They all seem to look the same from that era. And I'm sure we have boxes of stuffed animals around still that could fill it up for a similar setting.

Ally said...

Wow, glad that you and your family weren't involved in the crash. I actually gasped when I first saw that the article in your post.

Love the stuffed friends :)

LaraAnn said...

I have great memories of that basement- my bedroom was down there eventually as was my brother's. I only have a few of those stuffed animals now but wish that I had them all.

Our family was lucky that day. Thanks for your comments

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