Tuesday, March 1, 2011

General Motors

My father worked at the General Motors plant in Linden, N.J. for about 23 years. At first he was on the line putting tires on the cars then he was a forklift driver. We toured the plant during the 75th anniversary of the company in 1983. They had vintage cars in the parking lot that were cool. They gave out nice keychains as souveniers. I'll be posting a picture of that once I've put the many photos that I've been taking lately into the computer. Dad could have retired with full pension in only 7 years but he took the buyout in 1986 or 1987 then went to work at Newark airport. I feel bad about thinking that this was pretty foolish of him. I wonder if he regrets what he did. I wouldn't feel right asking him about this. I used to be so proud to say that my dad worked at GM when people would ask what job he has.

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