Thursday, December 9, 2010

Christmas Music

I always loved listening to my mom's Christmas albums. She has Sinatra, Nat King Cole, Doris Day, Mario Lanza, Kate Smith, Elvis and a few others. She got my brother and I The Chipmunks one which we liked when we were kids but after about 1981 we didn't care for anymore. I dubbed those albums onto tape and we have a few holiday cds like the 2 in the picture. For many years we did not listen to any of these but the last couple of years we got back into doing so. I'm still a bit depressed about not having our Buffy pup around anymore but I will try to get into the holiday spirit and listen to the Christmas tunes that I enjoyed so much when I was a kid. We only have one decoration up so far - the wreath on the door. Perhaps I should get some more of our decorations out.


Blast from the Past said...

We always would pull out the Christmas albums (some of the same ones you mentioned) and would decorate while they played... of course back then we had to walk carefully because the albums would skip.

Good memories... :)

LaraAnn said...

I can't believe that I totally forgot about our Bing Crosby record. I don't remember if the skipping problem ever happened to us. Sounds like you had fun decorating. Mom would always do the lights and garland and my brother and I did the ornaments on our tree.

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