Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Christmas 1979

My mom liked buying us games every Christmas and this year it was Battleship. We got a few Make It Bake It kits too - suncatchers or stained glass window ornaments, I guess either description applies to these. Mark got some Battlestar Galactica figures. I wish that we had some pictures of my gifts. Probably a Barbie was one of them. I loved our old stereo with the record player and 8 track on it, our Encyclopedia and yearbook set and the big stereo/tv cabinet that are also in these photos. This is the first year that we got a live tree. I meant to put the top photos below because these are after Christmas morning. We went over to my Aunt Sylvia's house later that day or maybe the next day. I'm wearing my favourite sweater, Mom made this for me and also ones in different colours for my 2 friends. I hadn't noticed the Kirby vaccum cleaner under the tree until recently, so now I know what year we got that.


Chelly said...

Oh I love looking at Christmas pics! The look so warm and cozy. Christmas 1979 - I was captivated by the Sesame Street Christmas special where Big Bird was searching for Santa. Sweet.

Happy Holidays!

LaraAnn said...

I vaguely remember that Sesame Street one. I remember the Muppets and John Denver one more and even had the 8 track of it. Glad that you like my holiday photos.

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