Thursday, December 30, 2010

A Buffy Video


I've never done video here before - I hope that it works. This is a clip of our Buffy that my brother took on his camera. We both wish that we had taken lots of videos of her. I took some on my camera also but on 4 clips I stupidly switched the angle of the camera during it. I was able to figure out how to fix this on Windows Movie Maker and did one clip so far only I probably could've done a better job on it. Mom says it's fine. I kind of said a curse word during one when mom got in the way which I feel bad about. I guess audio can be edited too but it might take me a while to figure that out. We didn't take videos of her until the final couple days of her life. I keep thinking of all the other cute videos and photos we could've taken but I should just be greatful for what we have. I never even thought about using my camera for videos before this, I thought that it would be too hard to figure that out and it wasn't even that difficult. Mark says that there is a way to pause it while filming - I'll have to look that up. Not that I have much to take video of anymore. I hope that everyone has a wonderful New Year. This will be my last post until 2011.


Chelly said...

Aw, love the Buffy vid. Happy New Year Lara Ann! Best wishes for 2011.

LaraAnn said...

I'm glad that you enjoyed this, Chelly. I probably will do some more Buffy vid posts eventually.

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