Friday, December 17, 2010

Christmas 1974

Mark and I loved playing with my dad's train that we put under the tree. I sometimes put my little people and small animals on it. The train actually makes noise and it looks like steam is coming out of it. Mom let us put the ornaments on and she did the garland and lights. This is the year that I got my first bike with the training wheels.Mark got his wagon and Lincoln logs - I liked playing with both. Mom liked getting us games every year - Uncle Wiggly this time. Our cousins are in the one photo - I'm also holding my favourite doll Teresa in it. That's our family friend Gail in the 2nd photo up top. I love her crocheted sweater vest.


C said...

Hello, LaraAnn :)

Thank you for visiting my writings and thank you for your comment :)

I really love vintage Christmas photos, they're my favorite! Thank you for sharing yours, everyone looks so happy and adorable!

Wishing you a beautiful, merry Christmas, and a fruitful and prosperous New Year ahead! The whole year!


Blast from the Past said...

Awesome pictures, LauraAnn. We have photo albums just FULL of pics like these at my Dad's house. When I'm there for Christmas next week, I'm going to have to pull them out and do some serious memory land walking.

LaraAnn said...

Cece- your welcome. I'm glad that you enjoyed my holiday photos. I have such great memories of Christmas time. Thanks for your holiday wishes too. I hope that your Chrismas is wonderful and the New year is a good one.

Darryll- I hope that you have fun looking at your old holiday photos. I always am filled with happiness when I see mine and enjoy sharing them with everyone here. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you and your family.

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