Monday, March 22, 2010


I used to think that tennis was really boring. I didn't even know that much about it. I was really depressed about my mom being in the hospital and her being so far behind in paying the bills. I put the TV on to watch The Price Is Right and got pretty annoyed that the tennis was on instead. I was going to change the channel but part of me was thinking that the 2 guys were kind of cute so I decided to keep it on and give it a chance. So, if they had been average looking would I have turned this off? I sometimes wonder about that and think how ridiculous this is.

I didn't know who to root for at first- I should be cheering on the American Ginepri,right? That shouldn't matter. It is so bad that part of my brain was thinking "Well, the German guy is a bit cuter" plus I was thinking about how much I enjoyed my trip over there in1989. That seems like a strange reason to be cheering on Haas. I didn't even know the rules but the match was intersting and it was taking my mind off of my sadness.

I had to go to an appointment so I couldn't watch all of Haas' next match but I did set the VCR up to tape it. I never did get around to watching it. I totally forgot who he was playing against until I read that it was Safin like a year later. I was very disappointed that Davydenko beat him in the QF match. My brother was saying "It's only tennis" when I got emotional about it. Oh,but he's allowed to get into his sports- not fair.

Luckily, mom was home from the hospital before the finals so I wasn't feeling as anxious. I was rooting for Federer who did win. After this, I didn't really think that much about the tennis. This is how dense I was- my thoughts were "Well, I guess that I'll have to wait until sometime next spring to see more tennis." I didn't find out until I was watching the French Open that there is plenty of tennis before that, even another major event- the Australian Open. Boy did I feel like an idiot. And when I found out that Haas had made it to the Semi-Finals there and also won the title at Memphis I was even more annoyed at myself for not reading up on the tennis. Part of me is laughing about this- no, it's not that funny.

That was nearly 4 years ago and now I am a fan of many players like Federer, Del Potro, Tsonga, Ferrero, Moya, Blake, Kohlschreiber, Nadal and even Davydenko. I just wish that I could afford the Tennis Channel but the cable bill is high enough. They give us the Golf Channel though- wish that we had more options. There is an exhibition event in Atlantic City that I would love to go to especially because my second favourite player, Safin, is going to be there but that's not in the budget either. I wish that they would be at MSG instead- that might be do-able. It's kind of embarrasing to admit that Haas is still my favourite. He won't be playing for a long time because he recently had hip surgery.

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