Wednesday, March 17, 2010

My Doggies

My first dog was a beautiful sheltie named Rusty. He was very protective of my brother and I. One day a bee was buzzing around me and my Uncle was swatting at it to try to make it go away. Rusty must have thought that he was attacking me so he jumped up on my Uncle and was attacking him. I have a vague recollection of this - I was only about 7 or 8 at the time. Mom and Dad told us that a nice farmer took him to live on a farm with him but years later we found out that he had really been put to sleep which saddened me.

We didn't get another doggie until about a year later from a shelter this time. We saw a very adorable puppy in a cage being picked on by another puppy. We immediately fell in love with her. Grandma- next- door said that Ginger would be a good name for her and we liked this. Grandma always spoiled her. She wouldn't even let Aunt Dorothy's dogs in her house but Ginger was over there often and she'd give her treats like part of a hot dog. I wrote more about her yesterday which got me all emotional . I just wish that we had had her in our lives for more than 7 years.

I did not want another dog after this. Mom did get one and I don't even remember it's name which I feel bad about. She adopted it from a pet fair and we didn't have her that long because she had behavioural problems. I do feel guilty for taking her to the animal shelter and hope that she got adopted. I wish that I had looked into a no kill shelter. Back then I really did not know anything about these. Mom tried again with another terrier mix- Cindy. Same story with her. Maybe many people might think that we didn't try hard enough to retrain these doggies. I'll always feel bad about both these doggies.

Our Mookie came into our lives about a year later. We were at our friend's house. Someone left a doggie in their yard- I don't remember all the details about this. They already had 4 doggies. Mookie sat by mom the entire time. That night we took her home with us. At first I didn't like her but eventually I grew to love her. We had her for about 14 years. She's a lhasa apso/terrier mix.

My brother really wanted to get a cocker spaniel and I wanted one too. One day when Mom and I were visiting my Aunt in South Jersey we were going to go to the flea market but it was raining so we went to the pet store nearby instead. We saw some cocker spaniels and mom asked if any of them were girls. The salesclerk said no but luckily another one said that they had one in the back. It was love at first sight. I already had a name for her- Buffy. She was such a good girl during the hour drive home, although she did try getting over to mom's lap many times. Even from day one she was a grandma's girl. We stopped at a fruit and veg stand. Buffy had a little accident in the car which would not have happened if we weren't stupid and bought a leash. I would've walked around with her while mom bought her tomatoes. She is like a gift from God- if it hadn't been raining that day we wouldn't have found her. She just turned 12 in February and I wish that she could be around for a few more years but because of her multiple organ problems it might only be a few more months. She is so spoiled and loving. My favourite part of the day is when we sit on the couch together. I remember how much she used to love playing with her pet rocks. I have alot of pictures of her and Mookie. They were good friends. It was very stupid that I didn't take that many puppy pictures of her though- only like 14. I could go on and on about her and probably will mention her more in the future but now it's time for us to sit together and watch The Price Is Right.

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