Friday, March 19, 2010

Movies 2

I loved the drive-in movies and wish that they still had one in our area. I don't even know if any are left in New Jersey. There probably aren't many left in the country. Besides seeing Jaws when I was a kid, I remember my cousins taking my brother, their sister Mary and I to see The Black Hole, Roller Boogie and I think The Black Stallion. Mary and I saw Star Trek 3 at the Quakerbridge Mall theater with her brother's girlfriend Sue. My brother is really into Star Trek and I kind of like it too so we've seen most of them together in the theater except for the first 2 which we saw on TV and the last 2. He has yet to see the last one. The only movies that I've ever seen twice in the theater are Indiana Jones and The Last Crusade and The Last Crusade and Spiderman 3. Mary went with me the second time to the former and Mark to the latter. The last movie that I saw was Terminator 4. We never saw the other 3 in the theater. I never even saw the first 2 until the late 90s on TV. I wish that we had seen them on the big screen. There are alot of movies that I'd like to see that way, even the classics. I did see the re-release of the 3 Star Wars movies in the late 90's so technically I have seen Star Wars in a theater but it's not the same as seeing it when it first came out. What were my parents thinking? They took us to the scary Jaws but not to Star Wars. It's kind of funny, I guess.

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