Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Cool Perfume Bottles

A friend of the family got this for me as a Christmas gift about 9 years ago. He found it at a flea market. It is Avon's Patchwork Cologne. I don't even remember that kind. I wonder what year this is from? The name of the this is Lady Spaniel. I love it! I never did twist the lid off to see if there is still any perfume in it and don't plan on it. I'm afraid that I will drop and break it. I wish that I had kept the other cool Avon perfume bottle of a silver fawn with Sweet Honesty in it. My Aunt Sylvia got that for me in the early 1980s.

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Rob Feckler said...

That bottle really is quite adorable. I love how inventive bottling and filling companies have become these days, especially with perfumes. I have quite a few perfume bottles shaped like porcelain dolls, but my favorite is Lady Gaga’s Fame perfume bottle. The shape of the bottle itself reminds me of a fruit and the cap reminds me of her nails or her “monster paws.” It looks simple and elegant at the same time.

++ Rob Feckler ++

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