Friday, February 10, 2012

My Duran Duran Scrapbook 2

I have this vivid memory of being on the playground at my grade school sometime in 1982 listening to the popular girls discussing who their favourite guy in Duran Duran was. I really wasn't into that group then, although Hungry Like the Wolf was one of the only 10 45s that I had in the 1980s. I was laughing on the inside about them going so ga-ga over these guys. I was a little familiar with their names but not their faces. I was always too busy studying or reading mystery and other novels to care about watching MTV or looking at those teenie bopper mags. It wasn't until about 1993 that I could fully understand why my classmates had been crushing on these Duran Duran guys for that is when I really got into their music and if I had been into it back in the 80s and was part of that popular crowd I would have been agreeing with a couple of them who said that John Taylor was their favourite. It hasn't been until recently that I am not ashamed to admit this. I didn't get all these photos until starting in 2007 though when I was going through my late in life boy crazy phase. The one of him with Simon and Nick is from a fan club and it came as a bonus suprise gift when I ordered a couple of books on ebay - it was nice of this girl to include that with them.

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