Thursday, February 23, 2012

More Owl Stuff

I saw a few more cute owl necklaces and also shirts at the mall last week but decided that it would be best to save my money for more important things as cute as these items were. I do have plenty of owl necklaces as shown in my previous post about this subject and these tops as well. I actually saw someone wearing the same shirt as in the top photo but on a different day when I was at the US Open last year. All of these tops are from Kohl's. The hot plate was handmade by a relative and mom has had it for a very long time - probably since the early 1970s. It was in one of her storage containers. I sure had fun looking at and taking photos of her old stuff in these when I was doing that project last year.


ღ мá ~ cururim said...

Wow, they are just adorable.
It's okay, I take so long sometimes.
Have a good week.

Chelly said...

I love your owl collection! :)

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