Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Happy Birthday, Mark

My brother's 41st birthday is today. I didn't buy him a card though but did give him a gift of the photos of his favourite tennis players Sania Mirza and Vania King that I took when we were at the US Open last year. Although he does complain often and teases and puts me down alot, when he isn't being Mr Critical and the Angry Middle-Aged Man we do have fun times together and I would consider him one of my friends. I have good memories of us when we were kids such as playing with stuffed animals and his Matchbox cars, watching our favourited tv shows and movies together and enjoying either listening to the Yankees games on the radio or watching them on tv, despite him constantly teasing me about Don Mattingly.

The photos, from top to bottom are from 1985, 1983, 1982, 1975 and 1973. I love the tiger sweater that my aunt made my cousin Ellen. 2 of the shots in that group are non-bday ones of us just having fun playing in the snow and building a snowman. Yikes, you can see that I was wearing legwarmers in the 1983 one - that's one fashion trend that I hope never makes a comeback. We had some good cakes at these parties, I even made a few of them in the 80's. Sometimes we'd get Carvel ice cream ones. Yummy, now I'm having a craving for this which is odd because I'm a candy lover not a cake one now.

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