Monday, June 27, 2011

Tennis- US Open 2011

Two weeks ago I ordered the US Open tickets which came in the mail this past Saturday. We hopefully will be going to this event for the first 3 days. I always worry that something bad might happen that will prevent us from going to concerts and other events. Luckily last year things worked out well, only a tiny bit of a rain delay on Day 5. I actually got myself a ticket for Thursday too but I don't want to tell my brother this because I'm afraid that he will just criticize me for doing so and be mad that I won't be here to take him to his first day of college classes. There are 2 buses that can get him there so he will just have to get there that way.

I had debated whether or not to go by myself on Friday. I really wanted to and was going to order that ticket right after getting our 3 days of tickets but an illogical voice inside of me was saying that it would be too scary to go there alone plus I had my brother's voice putting me down for even wanting to go without him. I finally was able to convince myself that it wouldn't be scary to go alone and why should I even care what my brother thinks so I went to the TicketMaster site at about 2:45 pm only to discover that they were already sold out for that day so I checked for Thursday and they still had some available so I got one for that day. I would have rather had Friday though.

I couldn't believe that those tickets were gone already especially because last year Mark and I didn't decide until the day after they first went on sale to get tickets for Saturday. I'm suspecting that those ticket scam artists had a part to play in this which is so annoying and unfair. I did click onto the link for ticket resales just out of curiosity. I knew that the prices would be more there but I did not imagine that the lowest one was going for 25.00 more than the TicketMaster price would've been. The message at the TM site said try again closer to the event and maybe more would be available - that's doubtful. I am so mad at myself for not just going with my smart voice and getting that ticket right away.

A tiny part of me is hopeful that more tickets will be available. It would be so nice if I can be there for all the days of men's 2nd round matches. With my luck the main guys that I really want to see will be playing them on Friday. I already have a list of primary and secondary players to see. Two more months until this event. It seems kind of far away even though it really isn't. I should be watching the tennis now but I need to squeeze some computer time in today because my brother will be around more than usual this week.


Chelly said...

So cool that you are an avid tennis fan. Hope you post some pics for us. Does the US Open take place in New Jersey? I can't remember.

LaraAnn said...

I'm kind of a new tennis fan - only about the past 5 years. It takes place in Queens, New York. I was actually too afraid to go there the first couple of years but in 2009 I got over that so this will be our 3rd time there. I definitely will be posting photos. I went a little overboard on the picture taking last year so I will try to control myself this time.

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